What is and why do we need door closers on the car

The device and principle of operation door closers car

Doors that close without effort, a slight movement of the hand, give solidity to the car and provide additional comfort for the driver and passengers. Smooth closing is provided by special mechanisms – door closers. These devices can be factory-installed in premium-class cars. However, the owners of less expensive vehicles may independently install door closers of universal type.

What is a car door closer?

The car door closer ensures the reliable closing of the vehicle. Thanks to the installation of the mechanism, the owner will not have to reopen and close the doors if they are loose against the body. If the force exerted by a person was not enough to close the door, the device will complete the process independently. For example, small children do not always cope with the heavy and bulky doors of SUVs. In this case, the door closer mechanism will help them.

universal door closer for your car

Also, the car door closer will provide a soft, smooth and silent closing. The driver will no longer have to ask passengers to slam the door quietly. If the mechanism is installed in the trunk door, all it takes is a gentle push on the door to close it. The device will then complete the task on its own.

Advantages of using the design

It becomes clear that the installation of a door closer in the car has many advantages, which include:

  • tight fitting of the doors to the body of the car without the application of force;
  • extending the life of door mechanisms;
  • improvement of comfort;
  • Better heat and noise insulation;
  • protection against dust and moisture.

The compact size of the device is one of the advantages: the closer installation will not be noticeable in the salon.

On which cars are door closers installed?

Despite the convenience of the system, door closers are not installed on all cars. The most frequently used mechanism is used in premium-class cars, such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW and other big brands.

If the car does not have a built-in door closer, the car owner can install it himself. In this case, you should buy a universal mechanism that is suitable for any model of the vehicle.

Working principle

The door closer works the moment the door is closed by the first latch of the car lock. A door sensor determines whether the vehicle is closed or not. If there is a gap between the door and the body, the motor-driven sensor is triggered, and the door closer pulls the door closed with a special cable.

If there is a problem with the door closing mechanism, the door closers cannot be fully reliable.

Design and types of car door closers

The mechanism that ensures a tight closing consists of several basic elements:

  • A sensor that detects the position of the door;
  • actuator, which provides door pulling;
  • The control unit that receives the signal from the sensor and gives the command to the electric actuator.
Charger Current Regulator

Two main types of door closing mechanisms can be found on modern vehicles.

  1. Electric is the most common option. It, in turn, can be based on the base:
    • worm gear, which is installed on SUVs and crossovers instead of regular gas stops;
    • a clamping mechanism (much more common).
  2. Hydraulic mechanism, which includes an autonomous hydraulic system with a pump, electronic pressure control and a complex actuating mechanism. This device has a high cost, so it is installed only on expensive sports cars.

You can also classify door closers into:

  • universal;
  • created under the model of the car (factory installed).

Universal devices can be put on any vehicle, regardless of its brand and model.

What is a pinless door closer?

Pinless door closer can also be installed on almost every vehicle. It is not necessary to cut additional holes in the doors to mount the mechanism: it is installed in the original lock. The mechanical part of the lock is replaced by a device with an electric motor. Then the 12 volt power supply is connected. If the installation is made correctly, the pinless door closer ensures the smooth closing of the doors.

Universal door closer for a car

Door closer for cars is a convenient device that is installed as standard on premium segment cars. If the car is not in this class, the car owner can always install a universal door closer, which will also ensure the smooth and tight closing of the doors.

What are the door closers on the car

Today, additional equipment for cars has become commonplace, in order to improve comfort and safety car manufacturers introduce innovative technologies that allow to greatly simplify the operation of the car. If a particular car model is not equipped with the necessary useful option ex works, nothing prevents you from ordering it from your dealer or upgrading your iron horse by yourself.

What are the car door closers for?

Door closers for cars have become another relatively recent trend, and they have been installed on premium cars by such auto giants as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc. for many years. Now these convenient devices are available for cars of any class and each motorist can make useful adjustments to the functionality of their Bolivar, and in this case you do not need to get permission for the conversion. The problem of loose door closing and the need to make an effort to close them, which often occurs in bulky SUVs, and passenger cars, is solved by the installation of door closers. The technology increases not only the level of comfort, but also the level of safety, and for many drivers is a necessary attribute.

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What is a car door closer?

Some motorists have experienced the inconvenience of loose closing of the car doors, especially if you have already managed to set the alarm and find that the car is not closed. You have to disarm the alarm and slam the door with great effort. It’s the same story when you have small children or elderly people in the car who can’t make the necessary effort to fully close the doors. Also, with the device, you don’t have to worry about the door mechanism opening while the car is in motion, which is a huge safety plus.

The car door closer is a mechanism that smoothly and quietly closes the doors of the car interior and the trunk. The device pulls the unclosed door to the end until it is completely closed. This is very convenient regardless of what type of door is used in the design. In the case of the trunk automatic closers help not to engage the hands if they are busy, some types of devices even remember the height that is necessary to lift the lid. In addition, thanks to the equipment, the microclimate in the car is preserved, as well as ensuring the correct and longer operation of the locking devices and fittings.

Device options offer motorists the following advantages:

  • ensuring tight connection of doors to the car body;
  • improvement of comfort;
  • durability of the device and extension of service life of door mechanisms;
  • good noise isolation, thermal insulation;
  • prevention of moisture and dust penetration;
  • compactness of the device and inconspicuous installation in the cabin.

All these advantages of the additional device allow simplifying a car owner’s life. If the car is not equipped with such technological solution, you can purchase universal door closers, suitable for all car brands or those adapted for specific models. Installation of devices at the dealer will not be cheap, for equipping two doors you will have to pay about 70-150,000 rubles.

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Operating Principle of the Car Closer

The device is not an additional lock and does not replace it, so if the regular lock is broken, it will not work instead. Car door closers work on the principle of bringing the door to full closure if it is not closed. The task of the device is to bring the door when it is closed only at the first latch of the car lock. In the case of tight closing, the door closer simply does not work. The system recognizes whether the door is securely closed by means of a sensor and, if it is necessary, the sensor and the motor are actuated and the door closes completely by using a special cable.

The door closer does not hold the door closed, but only pulls it tight so that the lock fully closes it. If there are any problems with the door mechanism, the correct operation of the device is not ensured.

Gentle closing by the door closer considerably prolongs the life time of the car lock and the device installation does not change the interior of the salon in any way. Frequent use of the locking mechanisms requires periodic adjustment, because both initially and afterwards the parameters of the door closer should be adjusted optimally in order to avoid door overtightening.

Designs and types of door closers

The classic design of the device is based on the electric drive, which pulls the door closed, a sensor, which reads the door position and the fixation mechanism. There are two basic types of door closers:

  • electric, which has become widespread today, is subdivided into the following subspecies:
  • devices equipped with a worm gear, installed instead of the regular gas stops on J-segment cars (SUVs and crossovers);
  • devices based on the pressure mechanism, the most popular.
  • hydraulic, which works on the principle of hydraulics and provides an autonomous hydraulic system with a pump, electronic pressure control, as well as a structurally complex actuator. Due to the high cost of the device, this type is used on expensive sports cars.
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Car Door Closers

Besides, the door closer can be universal or customized for a certain car model (the cars are often equipped with standard factory facilities, which are more reliable). Auto, not related to the premium class, do not have in the basic set of such “plushkas”, but despite this equipping is still available for them.

Universal devices are much more affordable, which greatly expands the range of consumers, because no one will pay half of the cost of their car for the convenience. Such electronic door closers with clamping mechanism and produces a popular company SlamStop. They have a drive, actuator, bracket on the rack, sensor and magnet, are controlled by an autonomous electronic control unit, and powered from the car’s power grid, while consuming a minimum amount of electricity.

Manufacturers of door closers

In addition to the original devices, going to the basic set of expensive cars and those that can be ordered at the dealership centers, a number of companies are engaged in the production of universal devices, suitable for cars of all makes and models with the possibility of independent installation and assembly at the service.

Affordable class of devices is offered today by such manufacturers as SlamStop (at the price closers of the most famous South Korean brand are from $ 150 per set for the door), and less popular Dorma, Ryoby, Abloy (their cost starts from $ 110). Certainly, you can’t call the devices cheap, but if there is a necessity and an opportunity to improve the car with the help of this option, you still should spend for comfort. Sometimes the expenses are not reasonable at all, and here each motorist defines for himself if he needs such functionality or not.

How are the door closers installed?

The device has compact dimensions and is easily mounted without damaging the salon space. Auto-closers can be installed in the service or independently by the motorist. Some owners like to do their own car, and to perform the procedure does not require special skills, but you will need tools.

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Installing door closers in the car starts with the removal of the trim, it should be done carefully to avoid damage to the already installed additional devices. The components of the system, namely the electronic drive, cable, sensor, ECU and roller fixer are put straight into the door mechanism.

Installing the door closer with your own hands, it is important to control the interaction of structural elements, the absence of their intersection and contact with other parts in the door. In the presence of additional equipment is necessary to monitor the correct connection of contacts, not to disrupt their work. The device is compact, so it fits quite freely in the door space.

Car door closer

Drive should be secured by screwing firmly, then install a cable that transmits the force from the regular lock to the drive. Next, above the lock is mounted sensor, which sends signals to the mechanism of the device at a loose closing, exactly opposite him is mounted magnet, which requires drilling two holes in the body and the car door. All these elements are connected to the control unit, which should be qualitatively fastened in the door, then connect to the power system of the car.

After installing the door closer, check the functionality of the mechanism. The door should automatically close completely within 1-3 seconds if it is not closed tightly. If the installation is successful, mount the upholstery and enjoy the new option, which brought more comfort to the car.

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