What is better to build a car in a private house: a carport or a garage

Garage or carport. What to choose for the resident of a private house?

Garage or carport. What to choose a resident of a private home?

Drivers think about how best to store the car – in the territory of the house parking lot or still in the garage. Each of these options has both significant advantages and clear disadvantages, which is important to initially consider and understand, so that then you do not have to worry and deal with the restoration of the car.

In many Russian cities, drivers do without personal garages, storing cars in parking lots near the house. Garage for men is a sacred room. Experienced motorists are convinced that every driver should have a garage, in which it is convenient to perform various works related to the maintenance of cars and not only. True, modern car owners more often, go to service centers, so the garage is not as important to them.

Garage or carport. What to choose a resident of a private house? 3

Advantages of a garage . A car garage has a lot of positive things to consider. They include: protection from frost, rain, snow and direct sunlight, convenience for repair work, reduced time for warming up the engine, storage of things, spare parts and even winter tires.

Garage or carport. What to choose for the private home dweller? 4

Drivers believe that the garage is not just a place to store the car, but also a place where you can relax from the extra attention of other family members and be alone with your thoughts and feelings. But the garage is not only a positive thing.

Garage or carport. What is the private home resident's choice? 5

The nuances of owning a garage . Construction of the garage is a major construction, which requires a large investment. And not only financially, but also temporarily. In addition, you should remember that the room will require resources for its future maintenance, which will also require investment.

Garage or carport. What to choose for the resident of a private home? 6

For the construction of the garage will have to allocate a large area of land. One should also keep in mind the opinion that a car will rust faster in a garage. Another important point to consider is the high fire hazard of the garage room.

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Garage or carport. What to choose for the resident of a private home? 7

Advantages of an awning . Carports have a lot of advantages, so many people prefer to organize it on a personal plot or even in front of the driveway in the yard. They include: saving money, saving space, protection from sunlight, rain, snow and dirt. There will be no problems with the installation and subsequent removal of the awning. That is why drivers can move it to another place on the site if they wish.

Disadvantages . This design has one significant disadvantage, which is obvious. It consists in the absence of an additional barrier to intruders. In addition, drivers do not have the opportunity to maintain the machine and there is no possibility to organize the storage of things and inventory.

Bottom line . Each driver must independently choose the most convenient way to store his car. Garage is a more durable structure that will protect the car, but at the same time, the shed is much more convenient to install on the site and in the future, if necessary, to dismantle.

Car owners must decide which option for storing their own car they consider reasonable, to study all the advantages and disadvantages. If the plot allows, it is possible to provide both own garage and carport.

Where it is better to leave the car in a private home: garage or carport

Now most people have cars, which have long ago become not a luxury, but a means of transportation. Especially a car is needed for people who live in their own homes. And here car owners begin to wonder what is better for the storage of their vehicle: a garage or a shed.

A Car in Front of a Private House

This article will help to understand this issue, considering all the pros and cons of each option.

Features of the garage

The garage is a separate capital construction, which can be equipped with electricity, sewerage, plumbing and heating.

It is mandatory that the garage must have ventilation, it can be natural or artificial.

There are the following advantages of a garage room:

  • The car will always be protected from the weather, animals, as well as from vandals.
  • Suitable for the comfortable work of fixing various breakdowns, as well as the operation of the vehicle. For this purpose special pits are made beforehand, where it is convenient to carry out inspection of “iron horse”.
  • It is also used as a warehouse for seasonal storage of tires, tools and car parts.
  • In conditions of severe frost it is easy to start the engine of the car. Especially the owners of cars with a diesel engine will appreciate this point.
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In addition to the advantages, it is necessary to consider the disadvantages of the garage room:

  • In winter, because of sharp temperature fluctuations, condensation appears on the body of the car, as a result of which corrosion is formed. It should be remembered that metal parts are more susceptible to corrosion in a heated room, in the absence of good ventilation.
  • After driving on snow-covered streets, snow is left on the car, which moistens the garage, provoking the process of rotting the body.
  • Such a room in the construction works requires a lot of money.
  • You will have to allocate a large area for construction.
  • For some car owners, the daily closing and opening of the garage is discomforting.

Garage with ventilation

Features of the awning

The awning is considered simple, as well as easy to build construction. Despite this, it is distinguished by its robust construction, as it is made of metal frame, coated wood, which is propped up by posts or poles.

No wall fences are used in the construction of the canopy.

In some cases, is a good combination for the garage, serving as a temporary shelter for the vehicle. This is where the structure is installed near the garage.

The advantages of the canopy include:

  • It is enough to allocate a small area for the construction, and can be located near the house. This is very important, especially if the garden plot is very small.
  • The covering material protects against rain, hail and UV light.
  • The car is provided with good ventilation, which minimizes the formation of corrosive processes.
  • Installation is relatively inexpensive and can take only a few days.
  • Modern materials are used that will make the construction beautiful, which will complement the overall design of the site.
  • If necessary, the canopy is quickly dismantled and moved to any convenient area. Due to the simplicity of the design, there is also the possibility of extending or expanding it. Usually it is relevant for the parking of another vehicle.
  • Comfortable access to the vehicle, both for loading and unloading luggage and for loading and unloading passengers. For example, it will be convenient to put a small child in the installed car seat.
  • In some cases it can become a substitute for a gazebo, a zone for relaxation.
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And among the disadvantages of the canopy are:

  • There is no protection from slanting rain and snowfall in gusty wind conditions. But by installing a tarp on some sides, these problems can also be eliminated.
  • If there is no fence, wall, there is a risk of vandalism or theft of the vehicle.
  • There is no way to store tools, spare parts and other equipment near the vehicle.
  • During the cold season, it is difficult to service the vehicle due to discomfort.
  • Dust quickly “attacks” the car.


What to choose

Let’s summarize what is better, a carport or a garage, in a private home. Many drivers believe that the garage is the best solution, if, of course, it will have good ventilation. But if finances do not allow resorting to such a construction, it is better to install a simple frame shed and complement it with slabs on the sides. Good luck!

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