What is BPAN, deciphering the acronym, its pros and cons

BEAN: what is it and why do they do this to cars?


Every year, the number of cars in the world is growing at an ever-increasing rate. Determining their exact number is almost impossible. After all, the car is now an indispensable attribute of life. Everyone in the family has at least one car. But for some people it is just a means of transportation from home to work and back, for others it is an object of hobby and entertainment. They make something incredible out of cars, including to attract the eyes of others. For today there are many associations of motorists, one of them is a youth group of like-minded people BPAN which is popular for several years already and doesn’t lose its relevance. It is deciphered very simply – No Landing Auto No! Such association includes all fans of undervalued cars.

Many people consider it just a useless hobby. Others like it very much. But as they say: “There are no comrades for taste and color”. But before we weigh the pros and cons, let’s dive into history. “BPAN”, as a direction of tuning, appeared a long time ago. The idea first came to the Americans in the 30s of the last century. It was connected to just stand out from the crowd and not to be like everyone else. They cut exhaust pipes, painted cars, removed springs. And the cooler the car, the more authoritative the person was considered. It was a kind of a separate subculture of “aggressive” cars. Adrenaline, speed, loud music – that’s what united them. But this trend reached us only in 2010. And for such a short period, it gained a big momentum. Fans of undervalued cars is increasing. For Russian youth – it is not just a hobby, but a lifestyle. Very often contests, festivals, themed runs and actions are organized. Often, BPANs here are domestic cars, with lowered suspension, large disks, tinted windows and stickers around them.

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On the one hand, the pluses of this direction are not so much. If only that the car looks like a ship, which is floating on the road. Such comparison immediately comes to mind at the sight of such cars. In fact they are very close to the ground. From under its body you can see the cast discs, of different colors and brands, which shine in the sunlight. All this creates quite a beautiful visual picture. In addition, the cars often use identification stickers of this movement, full toning, and the car itself moves too slowly. And not even because you can damage the “bottom” of the car when driving a lot, but so that those around you can enjoy its beauty longer.

On the other hand, there are many disadvantages, precisely because of which people are against this direction. First of all, it is the problem of roads, which in Russia leave much to be desired. Because of the potholes and bumps in the road surface, it is quite difficult for BPAN people to move around, as there is a great risk of damaging the car. In addition, weather conditions also interfere with undervalued cars, because it will be impossible to get through large snowdrifts or mud. Also, they often attract the attention not only of drivers and passersby, but also traffic police inspectors, because of their full toning, which leads to constant fines. The same applies not only to tinting, but also to additional “gizmos” in the car to make it look spectacular. For example, FSO flares are a kind of bright lights, which are put for beauty, but they violate the requirements, which can entail not only huge fines, but also deprivation of rights. But all these disadvantages, obviously, do not scare fans of BPAN, as the number of members of such car clubs is growing more and more.

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Fans and opponents of BPAN who lead eternal dispute: good or bad, will exist always. I consider, that to undercut your car and to make it attractive is desire of purely personal each. And no one has the right to forbid it. If you have the opportunity and interest to do so, why not do it, but only need to be prepared for the difficulties of movement on our Russian roads and have the money in your pocket to pay fines.

What is BPAN (No Auto No Landing).

In every city of our vast homeland you can see the cars with the sticker “BPAN”. And these machines look to the uninitiated person, as if their springs have burst – they have a very small clearance, and simply lie on the ground. Who they are, what this abbreviation means – in this review.

BPAN sticker on vase 2110

BPAN or No Landing Auto No is a community of motorists who like “lowered” cars – that is, cars with modified suspension in the direction of reducing ground clearance. And the lower the car, the cooler it is. The community consists mainly of young people in inexpensive domestic cars. It is very easy to distinguish the participant of this community by a sticker:

white tinted vAZ 2113

Very often, in conjunction with the suspension on cars owners as there are wheel rims of increased radius and toning “around” with the windshield. By the way, such tinting is called “bunker” on youth slang.

tinted black priora with BUNKER inscription

There are several ways to lowering the suspension – someone simply saws off extra coils from springs, someone puts special sports and rigid struts, for more affluent there is an option – pneumatic suspension (in conversations “pneuma” or “hydraulic”).

white tinted dag priora BUNKER

BPAN is widespread in very many Russian cities, but it is most strongly revered in the southern republics – Dagestan, Chechnya and others. The main official group of the community is dominated by people of Caucasian nationalities.

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Throughout the country, branches of low-car enthusiasts are formed in large cities, periodically arranging gatherings and rides. Here are some of them:




BPAN meeting Yekaterinburg



trimmed vase 2112 from Voronezh



a girl and a beautiful white four with toning and rims


The traffic police do not like this community very much. At the entrances to the events organized by BPAN, there are always several crews of traffic police on duty, who mercilessly check the documents and the light transmission of cars. There are even rumors that the Russian government is preparing a law to ban understated cars. For example, here’s a TV news story from Yekaterinburg about how the police raided a BPAN gathering:

A blatant case of fans of undervalued cars occurred in Surgut. During the next motor rally a column of 90 cars was very rudely detained by the OMON unit. The drivers claimed they were on their way to the orphanage and had no criminal intentions. However, traumatic weapons and baseball bats were found in the detained cars.

It is worth noting that this understeer is of no benefit in terms of vehicle handling, and causes the owner only significant discomfort and problems while driving. In addition to the fact that in Russia and the roads on the usual suspension is not ideal, there is another major enemy of the cut-off springs – a speed bump. If you are thinking about joining the low ranks, then first look at this video:

However, BPAN adherents have their own philosophy and are willing to endure for the sake of a nice looking car.

At the end of this review, I’d like to add that you should not think in terms of stereotypes, that if the car is low and tinted – then behind the wheel or a Caucasian or a minor and inadequate. Many of them are perfectly normal people, who drive by the rules and don’t interfere with anyone.

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Song – The anthem of the community BPAN (Diman Brukhanov):

Desktop pictures (clickable):

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