What is covered under the warranty?

What is included in the warranty service of a modern car

The usual situation is to send the car to the service center after a long operation or when wear of any nodes and mechanisms is revealed.

Mandatory warranty service

However, motorists have to visit service stations with practically new cars.

Often they are brought there by the necessity of warranty service.

The concept of warranty on a car

Practically for each purchased item in our country a fixed warranty period is obligatory. This rule is also relevant for cars.

If a breakdown is detected within the time period established by law or by the manufacturer, the owner of the vehicle has the right to contact dealers or retailers. The retailers are then obligated to provide free service.

Important! Unpaid repair works are guaranteed only in case of problems with the car, if the culprit of the situation is not improper use of the vehicle.

Among other things the car owner is obliged to pass a free technical check-up, foreseen by the car manufacturer. The main provisions concerning the relationship between sellers and buyers in such cases are governed by the Federal Law, in particular the Consumer Rights Protection Law applies, as well as the paragraphs of the “Regulations on warranty repair of motor vehicles and passenger cars.

When dealing with malfunctions, the seller’s side approaches each case individually. To identify a case falling under the conditions of free service, dealers are guided by the model contract. If a specified breakdown is spelled out, then the payment for repair services is imposed on the party that provided the low-quality goods.

The concept of warranty on a car

In practice the following schemes are applied:

  • the car is serviced in accordance with current legislation, a six-month period is provided for cars in the Russian Federation;
  • The warranty is given by the legal entity – the manufacturer;
  • When selling the car additional services can be provided by the dealer.

The type of vehicle affects the amount of work and the period of preferential service. Car factories are trying to extend this time period and expand the types of work in order to stimulate sales.

Buyers need to be as careful as possible when considering offers from dealers. Their recommended timeframes should not be lower than the ones set by law and by the manufacturer.

What is included in the warranty

The driver is advised to study the offer carefully to know what is included in the list of mandatory warranty service for a particular vehicle of a given brand. Often, the obligations do not apply to the entire vehicle. This is due to the fact that the car refers to high-tech equipment, consisting of thousands of elements and many interconnected and independent systems. At the same time, they are subject to uneven wear and tear.

Coated machine body, power plant and some other elements fall under the warranty obligations. For example, the list includes critical parts of the braking system, the battery, suspension components (stabilizers), sealing and sealing parts.

It is not appropriate to ask for free repair when consumables break down or fail. The list of wear items includes parts such as:

  • light bulbs;
  • drive belt of any configuration;
  • spark plugs;
  • working fluids;
  • fuse inserts;
  • brake pads;
  • filters of all types.
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The damage review process will take into account whether the owner caused the damage deliberately. The basic conditions are spelled out in the contracts.

Warranty Period

The established warranty period that is given to the car under the current law is limited. Different conditions are imposed on this factor. In practice, there are two types of warranty limitation: European and Asian.

The first option gives a mandatory two-year period. Also there is no limit on the mileage at a given time. The only thing regulated is the calendar period, which is written in the European legislation. It is forbidden to reduce this limit on your own.

The second option limits the mileage of the vehicle. The majority of cars lose the privilege after overcoming the limit of 100 thousand km. However the term of rendering free service is limited in 3 years.

Important! Allowed a longer warranty period for individual nodes and parts, which the company has the right to provide.

Not everyone knows from which moment the warranty on the purchased car starts. This factor is regulated by regulations. Usually the period starts at the time of handing over the goods to the buyer, but in some sales contracts it is allowed to change this fact.

Manufacturer’s claims

The manufacturer has the ability to protect itself from unconscious consumers. For this purpose, there are certain requirements for the operation of the vehicle. The basic requirement is obligatory attendance of car service center for routine works, related to regular maintenance. Only original spare parts and consumables, bought at dealerships, are used.

Maintenance of under warranty cars

Thus, the car manufacturer is protected from unscrupulous craftsmen and counterfeit materials. Specialists allowed to work must have the appropriate certificates for works from the official representative of the brand.

Modern cars are stuffed with a lot of electronics, so even after oil replacement, it is often necessary to make corrections to ECU about the time of its filling. Otherwise, the onboard system may generate an error, demanding filling of a fresh consumable.

Every maintenance service required under the vehicle’s warranty requires the use of genuine parts. Proven disregard of this fact leads to the loss of obligations for further free work, because because because of poor-quality materials the car may end up in expensive repairs.

Frequent mistakes of consumers

Before you buy a car, we recommend you to get acquainted with the standard agreement of car sale and purchase. There are cases and conditions, under which the warranty on a purchased car is cancelled. One of the main mistakes is to ignore its points.

It is important to get acquainted with the document, because the terms of warranty for separate subassemblies and systems may be specified there. In some cases the loss of warranty in case of “piercing corrosion” is regulated, and the occurrence of separate spots on the surface of the body is not.

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Installation of non-factory parts is an unacceptable mistake of car owners. If third-party intervention is detected, there is a high risk of voiding the warranty.

Consumer rights

Buyers are protected from unscrupulous service by the state. They are entitled to a free repair within a set period of time if the breakdown was the fault of the manufacturer. The main rights, which help to understand what the contract covers, for citizens are concluded in the following points:

  • Gives 15 days to return or exchange the vehicle at the dealer if malfunctions are detected. Both a full refund and an equivalent exchange for a similar car is allowed.
  • The car warranty covers the right to require the selling party to deliver the car to the station for repairs.
  • Free work within the specified warranty period.
  • The period of free service is extended by the period during which the car was under repair.
  • Citizens are required to reimburse the amount of money spent to bring the damaged car to the dealers.
  • When frequent machine breakdowns occur during the period of preferential service, the buyer has the right to demand replacement of the defective machine.

Also, under the terms of most contracts, dealers are required to provide a replacement car to the car owner for the duration of the repair work, helping to compensate for the inconvenience that has occurred.

Reasons for justified refusal

Not all breakdowns are covered by warranty. It is limited by the contract under which the car is purchased. The seller has the right to reasonably refuse to provide compensation for damages, if the following facts are found and confirmed:

  • the owner of the new car did not follow the established maintenance schedule;
  • The car has been serviced at the third-party non-company service stations within the period of time mentioned above;
  • non-original parts have been installed into the construction of the vehicle;
  • the owner of the vehicle has made unauthorized changes to the technical specifications.

Reasonable cancellation of benefits applies if the vehicle has been involved in a traffic accident. Such breakdowns are not restored free of charge, nor is unauthorized damage.

Reasons for justified refusal

About the consequences of tuning

You should be careful when wishing to upgrade a car that is under warranty. Even a new alarm system installed may be enough to deny further free service to the car. Other elements of tuning, which give the car an unconventional equipment, also have an impact.

Whether or not to install additional alarm system, everyone decides for himself. But keep in mind, that in each case the situation is sorted out individually. To exclude the possibility of ambiguous interpretation during installation of additional equipment, we recommend to address an official service, which sometimes dealer is not related to.

They will be able to legally install such systems:

  • multimedia unit;
  • front and rear parktronic systems;
  • branded alarm system, etc.
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You shouldn’t artificially increase the power of the cars by chipping without additional strengthening of the mechanical part. Adjustment of torque leads to loss of balance and increase of loads on nodes and systems of the car. Not only the engine, but also transmission, suspension and fuel system suffer.

What responsibility the dealer bears for exceeding repair deadlines

The current rules in Russia for 2018 determine the maximum period of car repair under warranty limited to five days. Any exceeding the period is illegal. During this period, all work must be completed, and the vehicle must be returned to its legal owner in good condition.

The consumer has certain rights that he can exercise in such a situation, even when the other party lacks the necessary parts or consumables:

  • it is possible to demand the replacement of the vehicle with a new one;
  • it is allowed to refund the money spent on the purchase of the car;
  • the car owner can draw up a claim, according to which the repairers will give 1% of the value of the vehicle for each day of downtime.

It should be taken into account that the warranty period is reset for each new part installed after repair, so a new period is accrued.

The seller refuses to fix the car for free. What to do

Some unscrupulous companies look for reasons to refuse service under the car owners warranty. You have to look for ways to restore justice in such a case.

It is necessary to start with the execution of a written complaint in duplicate to the head. We register the document with the date and the name of the employee who accepted it. If such actions are refused, we turn to the higher dealers or directly to the representatives of the manufacturer.

An effective method is when you can threaten a wide dissemination of information to the surrounding public. For example, invite the media, describe the situation on all kinds of forums, specialized Internet sites, appeal to a competitor. Such methods are often very effective.

About the tuning consequences

Lack of response or weak response forced to turn to the courts. Before drawing up a claim will need to collect documentary evidence, testifying in favor of the car owner. In such a situation, it is recommended to use the help of a professional lawyer.


Conscientious operation of the machine during the warranty period allows you to receive the necessary maintenance in full. You should carefully read the contract beforehand, so as not to violate its conditions.

Warranty and service

With complete confidence in our vehicles, Kia guarantees the reliable performance of all parts and components for up to 60 months or 150,000 km (whichever comes first), provided that you follow the advice given in your owner’s manual.

Our confidence is based on the experience and knowledge of the dealer network specialists, who will undertake not only warranty maintenance of your car, but also elimination of possible defects, using only original Kia spare parts. Kia dealers will make sure that your car is always “in shape” and satisfies your most demanding requirements.

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Kia is committed to continuous improvement of its products, which may affect your car as well, so Kia reserves the right to change some of the terms and conditions mentioned in the service book without special notice.

Kia does not limit itself solely to selling cars, but also provides expert maintenance services. One of our top priorities is to make your Kia vehicle comfortable to drive.

Kia vehicles are manufactured according to high manufacturing standards in the automotive industry. This is what gives Kia the opportunity to offer you such a long warranty period.

If a warranty claim occurs, repairs will be completed at no additional charge anywhere in the world where Kia dealers are located. 1,2

Kia doesn’t just sell cars. We want our customers to enjoy them for years to come.

We use the latest engineering and technical know-how to design and assemble cars, and we think you’ll appreciate the result every time you get behind the wheel. The 5-year warranty covers new Kia vehicles purchased from a Kia Dealer in the RF, registered and used in the RF.

The detailed warranty conditions are specified in the Service Book and the vehicle purchase agreement when purchasing a vehicle from a Kia Dealer in the Russian Federation.

All warranty terms and conditions set forth in the Service Book that the owner received when purchasing a Kia vehicle from the Dealer are given priority. Where there are separate terms and conditions in the Service Book that refer to the official Kia website, the terms and conditions set out on the official Kia website shall take precedence.

The decision to classify each particular case as a warranty case or not is made by the Dealers themselves, without the approval of Kia Russia & CIS LLC. The Kia Dealer makes the decision in accordance with the documents regulating its activities, as well as on the basis of the data on the conditions and mode of operation of each particular vehicle.

The Kia dealer is ready to perform warranty repairs, using original parts, to correct the problem covered by the warranty at no extra charge. Parts that are repaired or replaced are warranted for the remainder of the vehicle warranty period, except for items that have a shorter warranty period as specified in the Service Book.

For main elements of Kia vehicles used in the territory of Russia, except for specific and specially negotiated items, the warranty period from the date of sale to the first owner is 60 months or 150,000 km of mileage, whichever comes first.

The warranty period for the original battery (installed by the Manufacturer) is 6 months from the date of the car sale without mileage limitation. The warranty period for the ERA-GLONASS system battery (installed by the Manufacturer) is 36 months from the date of car sale without mileage limitation.

The manufacturer guarantees that the refrigerant charge of the air conditioner will be sufficient within 6 months from the date of sale of the vehicle without mileage limitation. In the event of a failure of the air conditioning system components due to Manufacturer’s fault, the air conditioner charge is covered under warranty.

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Car tires originally installed on the vehicle are warranted by their Manufacturer. In the event of a vehicle tire claim, contact your Kia Dealer who will provide you with the necessary information to file a claim with the Vehicle Tire Manufacturer.

Optional equipment purchased from your dealer is warranted by the tire manufacturer. In the event of a claim, contact your Kia Dealer who will provide you with the necessary support and service in accordance with the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s warranty policy.

Because of the complexity of computer software and global positioning systems, Manufacturer makes no warranty that the operation of the software will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that the information provided by the software will be error-free, including the current location of the User, information about the road network, its availability and condition, or the availability of settlements.

The warranty period for the audio/visual navigation system fitted to the vehicle is 36 months or 60,000 km of mileage, whichever is earlier, from the date of sale of the vehicle.

Original Kia parts replaced during a commercial repair are warranted for 12 months or 20,000 kilometers, whichever is earlier, commencing on the date of closure of the purchase order.

During the operation of the vehicle, it is necessary to perform service and adjustment work. If the vehicle has high daily mileage – this need arises more often. In this case, elimination of the detected defects is not caused by defects in the material of the part or defects in the assembly at the manufacturing plant, but is caused by natural wear and tear*. Such defects cannot be considered manufacturing defects of the manufacturer. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for remedying such defects, unless the defect in the part is due to a defect in a subassembly or system of the vehicle. The decision to have these parts replaced is at the discretion of the Kia Dealer.

  • filters
  • headlamp, taillamp, and light bulbs, headlamp connectors
  • fuses
  • wiper blades
  • brake pads
  • brake discs
  • brake drums
  • friction plates and clutch shells
  • spark plug wires
  • spark plugs
  • timing belts of engine accessories
  • rubber protectors and bushings
  • mechanisms, power windows and mirrors actuators
  • windshield and rear window washer nozzles
  • discharge lamps (xenon)
  • chrome parts of bodywork and interior
  • interior trim
  • body windows
  • paintwork (varnish coating) of wheel discs

normal/natural wear and tear within 12 months or 15 000 km from the moment of car sale to the first owner, whichever comes first

  • hoses and fittings
  • elements of the exhaust system

defined terms of normal/natural wear and tear within 36 months or 100,000 km from the time the car was sold to the first owner, whichever comes first.

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