What is GTE for a car and is it possible to drive it?

What is the GTD for a car and engine

Many drivers have had to deal with GTD, but few pay attention to this acronym. Even fewer drivers are interested in the meaning of this concept.

What is the Car CTD

And in vain, in fact everyone can encounter with CTD in practice and one should have at least the slightest idea about this phenomenon.

This abbreviation often comes up in the professional circles. Even while buying a car, one may unexpectedly come across with a mysterious set of these letters. What are we dealing with?

How the GTD is deciphered and what it is

We should start getting acquainted with the deciphering of the abbreviation of GTD. For sure there are a lot of drivers who do not fully understand the essence of our conversation. These three letters refer to the cargo customs declaration. This document is required for crossing the border and entering another state. It is not particularly clear what is the Customs Cargo Declaration for a car, so let’s further understand this concept.

This document contains information about the driver and the transported cargo. The completed form is submitted to certain regulatory and inspection authorities. Such a declaration is issued in a number of cases, which we will consider a little later. Thanks to this document the customs authorities carry out accounting and control of export and import goods.

Each declaration has a unique number. It is not made up of a random set of numbers. The number is divided into four parts with a slash. Each part has a specific meaning:

  1. The first part contains the 8-digit Customs Post number.
  2. This is followed by the date of the Customs Cargo Declaration.
  3. The third part of the Customs declaration contains the serial number of the declaration. The first character can be an alphabetical symbol “P”, and there are a total of 7 characters in this part of the number.
  4. The fourth part is the goods number.

So what is the declaration number for the engine or the body of the vehicle? Again, there are a lot of questions, and the situation remains unclear.

CTD for the engine, what you need to know.

The power unit of any car is also a commodity, as well as all others. Therefore, at the export/import of the power unit is also obligatory registration of Customs Cargo Declaration for the engine. It does not matter what unit we are talking about: new or used. In any case, it is required to issue the Customs Cargo Declaration. This document is a confirmation of the country of origin of the engine and the fact of passing through customs control.

Customs Car Documentation for an Engine

Without the CTD on the engine it will be impossible to issue a replacement of the power unit on the car. The obligatory documentation must be attached to the TCD on the engine by the rules. Only in this case it is possible to register the new unit.

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The car body can be imported across the Russian border. In such a situation it is also obligatory to obtain Customs Car Document on the body of the vehicle. Often the car is imported for parts, and then reassembled. It is very important when buying a used car to check the compliance of numbers on the body, power unit and DVT.

Filling in the GTD

You should responsibly and seriously treat the process of filling in the Cargo Customs Declaration. The document must contain detailed information about the driver and the transported cargo. Filling out this declaration is carried out on two forms: TD1 and 2. The first form is considered to be the main sheet, the second acts as an additional sheet.

TD1 consists of several self-copying sheets:

  • the first sheet is kept by the customs authorities;
  • the second sheet is used to keep statistical records;
  • the third sheet is returned to the driver who submits the GTD;
  • the last, fourth sheet is taken as a regional copy.

When transporting cargo consisting of several items across the state border, TD2 comes to the rescue. Without this addition GTD is not used.

Customs Cargo Declaration for a vehicle

Separate attention should be paid to the Customs Cargo Declaration for the vehicle, which is issued during the import / export of vehicles. Most often, of course, registration of the cargo declaration is required when purchasing a car in another country. This document must be provided to the traffic police for registration of the car and its registration.

Customs declaration document for a vehicle

Registration of the cargo customs declaration is the responsibility of the cargo manager. Next comes the process of certification of the document, which falls on the shoulders of the customs inspector. If the car is purchased by a legal entity, the seller gives the buyer a copy of the Customs Cargo Declaration, pre-certified. The buyer is required to be attentive and meticulous. He must carefully check the VIN from the car and verify it with the data from the Title Deed. Any mistake or inaccuracy will be a serious problem and will not allow you to register the car in your home country.

When you buy a car from abroad, the receipt slip is added to the GTD and the PTS. This document, as well as the other two, must be presented to the customs authorities and the traffic police.

Situations that do not require completion of the Cargo Customs Declaration

The cargo customs declaration is a special transport document, which consists of several sheets. It is obligatory to attach the DTS to this document. Behind this abbreviation is a declaration of customs value. This appendix is attached to the cargo that is subject to VAT, excise tax and customs duties.

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Export and import control

If one considers a vehicle as cargo, it must be accompanied by a DTS. But there are some exceptions, which are prescribed in the legislative acts. The list of such exceptions is as follows:

  1. The customs value of the cargo is below 5 thousand dollars. No economic measures are applied in relation to such cargo. This exception applies if there are no multiple shipments under the same contract.
  2. Cargo is transported by an individual, which has no commercial purpose.
  3. Goods for which tax law duties do not apply.
  4. Special customs regimes under which no taxation is possible. The Customs Union is an example of such an exception.

The customs declaration is an important part of the import and export of goods. It should be taken seriously and the necessary documentation should be prepared responsibly in order to avoid problems in the future. The preparation, preparation and filing of the customs cargo declaration is the basis for international transport relationships.

Cargo customs declaration (CCD) and passenger cargo declaration

The key to the successful completion of bureaucratic procedures at customs is the correct execution of all supporting documents. The list of documents required for foreign trade activities includes the Customs Cargo Declaration, or, in other words, the Customs Cargo Declaration. The declaration is necessary to control the movement of goods across the state border: tracking and restricting the transportation of certain goods, preventing the exportation of national values, as well as the collection of taxes and duties. Certified customs representative “Importex” specializes in the preparation of all types of CCDs and bringing documents to impeccable condition.

How many types of TD are used in FEA

In order to exclude inaccuracies in the registration of the Customs Cargo Declaration, it is necessary to know how many types of declarations are used in FEA, for what situations they are provided, how to fill them out correctly. There are 4 types of declarations considered in the TC TC:

  1. Goods declaration (DG). In the former terminology – cargo customs declaration (CCD).
  2. Passport declaration (PD).
  3. Customs transit declaration (CT).
  4. Declaration for a vehicle.

The types of declarations are also differentiated by the type of procedures under which goods are cleared.

Table 1. Types of Customs procedures.

The specialists of “Importex” have many years of experience in preparing for the procedures at customs, as well as the necessary knowledge for the accurate completion and submission of documents. Applying to our company will save you from any delays in clearance and carrying your cargo through customs.

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Cargo Customs Declarations

The Cargo Customs Declaration is a standard form with dozens of fields to be completed. It contains information about the goods moved by legal entities or individual entrepreneurs in foreign trade transactions. In the Customs Cargo Declaration also provides information:

  • On the customs value of the goods;
  • On the consignor and consignee;
  • information about transport used for delivery.

After Russia joined the Customs Union (CU) in 2011, the abbreviation GTD became a less commonly used term in the system of customs authorities of the Russian Federation. It has been replaced by the term DT, which stands for Declaration of Goods (conducted through customs). The declaration shall be filled in according to the Customs Code (CCC) of the Eurasian Economic (or Customs) Union.

What is the goods declaration for import and export

The Cargo Customs Declaration is issued for the legal transportation of goods both from abroad (import) and outside the country (export). The documentation is handled by the cargo manager, usually a brokerage company. After this GTD is certified by a customs inspector. The information entered must conform to the real data on the goods, its carrier and the recipient, since later on the basis of this document will be possible to pass through the border. The presence of blots or erasures in the Customs Cargo Declaration is inadmissible.

If there are discrepancies, the goods may be sent to the penalty area and even confiscated, and its manager – brought to administrative or criminal liability.

Examples of deciphering the HS codes, the country of origin of goods and customs payments

When executing a Customs Cargo Declaration, the declarant is responsible for determining the commodity nomenclature (TN) code for foreign economic activity, approved by decision of the Council of the EEC (European Economic Commission). The coding makes it possible to identify goods and simplify the automated processing of declarations submitted to Customs.

The codes are entered in the 33 column of the GDT, consist of 10 characters and reflect the belonging of goods to one of the 97 commodity groups of the TN VED. The groups in turn consist of several subgroups, each of which is subdivided into several more subgroups. To enter data in the GDT to calculate, for example, the code of the reptile imported into the territory of the CU for research, you must:

  • in the nomenclature section “live animals” (01) find the subgroup “live animals other” (0106);
  • Then go to the subgroup “Reptiles (including snakes and turtles)” (01062000);
  • Finally, go to the subgroup “For research purposes,” the result will be a commodity code 0106200010.
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In the 34 column of the GTE (subsection “a”) is entered code of the country of origin of goods. This code has an alphabetic expression, for example:

  • RU – Russia;
  • KZ – Kazakhstan;
  • AM – Armenia;
  • CA – Canada;
  • EU – European Union.

In the case of complete absence of data on the country of origin of goods, the code “00” is entered.

Box 47 of the CTG is called “Payment Calculation” and is intended for entering payment codes. The coding of payments in favor of the Customs Union is also adopted by the decision of the Commission of the CU and is applied throughout the EAEU. The main and frequently encountered codes are:

  • 1010 and 1020 – customs clearance and escort fee;
  • 2010 – import customs duty;
  • 2050 – anti-dumping duty;
  • 2060 – countervailing duty;
  • 5010 – value added tax.

Declarants who have decided to classify their goods independently must be prepared for the fact that customs authorities do not always agree with the selected HS code and may make their own decision on classification. This will lead to difficulties when passing through customs: stretching out the procedure in time, additional costs, and in some cases to penalties (if it is suspected that the wrong code was indicated in the Customs Cargo Declaration intentionally). To avoid trouble it is advisable to trust the classification of goods to customs representatives with years of experience. The specialists at Importex will help with this.

Customs Car Declaration

Customs Car Declaration for a Car is drawn up as a rule when importing cars or their components (body or engine) on the territory of the Customs Union. Customs Car Data Declaration is a document, without which it is impossible to register a car in the State Traffic Police. The data specified in the vehicle certificate must coincide with the VIN data (identification number, by which you can track the date of manufacture, sales and other events in the history of a particular car). In order to process the GTE it is necessary to prepare lists of documents for the registration of a sole proprietorship, a legal entity or an individual in customs and for customs clearance “export” (or “import”, which in the case of cars rarely happens).

How to calculate the customs payment

To calculate the total customs payment, which will be indicated in a certain column of the Customs Cargo Declaration, use the general formula:

Customs fee + customs duty or seasonal duty (if any) + excise tax (if any) + special duties + VAT = aggregate customs payment.

Charger for PDA in the car

In order to avoid problems with the customs office the amount of the payment should be calculated as accurately as possible.

Customs declaration accounting

The goods declaration consists of four sheets (the main sheet, T1, and an additional sheet, T2) stapled together to form a brochure. After the release of goods, the sheets of the Customs Cargo Declaration are distributed among:

  • Customs (1 sheet remains and is archived there);
  • the customs statistical department (2 sheets are used for statistical records);
  • the declarant (he keeps the 3rd sheet);
  • regional customs authority (in case of export) or customs value department (in case of import) – the 4th sheet is sent there.

The number of the declaration and the country of origin of the goods must appear in the accounting of the duty under the Customs Cargo Declaration when the imported goods are put into the warehouse.

Customs clearance declarations

Customs clearance of goods transported by individuals in connection with their move to another country or return for permanent residence requires completion of the passenger customs declaration. Filling in the passenger customs declaration is possible both in hard copy and in electronic format.

Declaration of goods using the passenger customs declaration is not provided for legal entities.

Sample form

A sample electronic passenger customs declaration form 2020 can be downloaded from the FCS website.

The paper version of the passenger declaration form must be printed on a single A4 sheet on both sides!

What goods require a declaration

The passenger declaration form applies to goods subject to mandatory declaration when crossing the borders of the CU:

  • weapons and narcotic substances;
  • Live animals and plants;
  • cultural valuables;
  • precious materials;
  • personal vehicles;
  • money and traveler’s checks in the amount equivalent to 10 thousand U.S. dollars.

When importing into the territory of the CU it is necessary to declare goods whose value and quantity exceed the amount of duty-free import.

Order of filling in

On the same page of the FCS website, where there is a link to the 2020 electronic passenger customs declaration form, you can read about the procedure for completing the passenger customs declaration.

The sheer amount of information in the documents provided is often confusing for those who risk filling out the documentation they submit to customs on their own. To avoid mistakes, corrections and other blunders when filling out the Cargo Customs Declaration, it is advisable to entrust this work to professionals.

The specialists of “Importex” are ready to fill out the documents of any complexity and to ensure your unhindered border crossing. Find out how you can save on brokerage services by calling the hotline.

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