What is PDR technology and how it works

What is PDR and what does it do?

More and more often advertisements about dent repairing without painting by technology PDR appear in the network, frankly, at first glance this service looks like another scam! Remember the miracle polish, which supposedly removes any scratches? Yes, I also bought it at the time, it turned out to be an ordinary polish, and even not of the best quality! So, PDR or Paintless Dent Removal in a free translation from English sounds like dent removal without painting and it’s not a scam and quite an effective technology body repair, where the removal of the dent due to the molecular memory of the metal and the durability of modern paint! You can see the performed work here www.company-slava.ru/Frames/dol_raboti.html.

How is it possible? After all, the truth is how to remove the dent, so that traces of repair were not visible and at the same time not to paint the part? There are several conditions when to remove the dent is possible! 1. The paint finish must be intact or with minor scratches, which are removed by polishing. 2. There should be a special tool, from all kinds of hooks and fixtures, special lighting, to glue systems and vacuum suction cups, and in some cases uses an induction device. I want to say right away that you should not immediately run to buy tools and appliances, (the cost can be up to 500 rubles), without the right skills are likely to just spoil the detail )))). 3. A specialist must know what he is doing, at least know the theoretical part of the technology, namely to be trained and certified! But still qualitatively perform the work can only be an experienced specialist!

Now when all conditions are satisfied, you can begin to repair the unfortunate dent. First of all, for quality work you need access to the damaged area from the inside, it may be technological holes, which are not few in the car, or partial disassembly, such as removal of the fender, lights, door trim, and in some cases it is possible additional technological hole drilling, later treated with mauve and closed with a plastic plug. When the preparation of access is finished, it is necessary to install the right light, without literate put light, the work better not to start, because if the master can not see the tip of the tool, he most likely will work in the wrong place and as a result, spoil the part.

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It seems like everything was done, the access was prepared, the right light was installed, but the dent is resisting and doesn’t want to go back in the same place! What did you do wrong! In some cases around the dent, inflates the so-called crown, or lifeline if you want, which does not allow the metal to straighten, it must be removed, that is to knock out the plastic bump and then it will go! And now we are going to level the dent, by smooth bobs up and down from the deepest place, rocking and as if massaging the metal, the dent is gradually straightened and now the part is flat, like new!

Of course it all seems easy when you read or watch how they do it, in fact, very time-consuming work that requires great patience and perseverance, those who have an awl in one place, or used to do everything faster, it is better to forget about this profession, and those who are ready to spend hours picking at the metal, the very thing in my opinion!

In conclusion, I want to say that PDR really working technology, which allows for a short time to remove the dent without damaging the paint finish, while the car will not be painted, no thickness gauge will not show the place of work, unlike the traditional repair with pounds of putty! Take your cars to the paintless repair, because you will not lose anything, even let’s say you can’t pull out the dent, and that means you won’t have to pay, you will just go to the traditional repair!

Features of PDR technology

Damage to the car for its owner is just a lot of stress. It is good even if everything turned out without injuries and mutilation of the driver, passengers. However, even in the “mildest” case, when the car is just dented or scratched, prompts the motorist to look for money, time and other means for its repair. But there are many cases where PDR technology, very popular in automobile environment, comes to the aid of the driver.

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PDR technology

This article is devoted to it, prepared on the basis of recommendations and advice from experienced specialists and professional drivers with extensive driving experience. The given material is therefore intended for a wide range of readers and will undoubtedly give them a lot of valuable information.

What is PDR technology

We should start with the definition of the essence of the key term of the article. So, “PDR technology”, in short, is a format of dent repair without painting. It is very widespread in the West, since it allows almost perfectly straightening many dents on the car body literally in a few hours, and doing without painting. You must admit that it is very convenient for the driver, since it saves him from having to go to a service station for help, wasting time and money.

Technology of PDR

This technology is very easy to use and can be used by almost any motorist, even a beginner. Many people don’t believe that it is possible, but this article will show that there is nothing supernatural in this technology. By the way, in the deciphering of the abbreviation “PDR” from the English we get “Painless Dent Removal”, and it took a system form in the 70’s of last century in Germany. Nowadays almost every serious car plant has PDR technology experts on staff.

The essence of the technology

The idea of PDR technology is very simple. So, if there are dents in the metal, they are returned to their original appearance with a variety of special tools: hooks, blades, etc. Applying these tools, the specialist in the technology simply “squeezes” the metal from the dent out.

PDR Technique

When it is difficult to do this with tools, special vacuum or adhesive systems are used, making it possible to “pull out” the metal, as if to level it out. It is necessary to note an important point. Thus, all of these subtleties can be implemented with one condition, namely, if the car is not damaged its paint coating. In other words, it should not have abrasions, chips and cracks, the metal should be “not torn. If they are present, it will not be possible to apply the technology, or rather – traces of “cosmetics” will be visible on the metal after the work is completed.

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Using glue

One of the key techniques of the technology is the removal of dents on the body of the car with the help of special adhesive systems. They are produced by domestic and foreign industry in a very wide range and have proven themselves in practice. Of course, this auto service requires a lot of skill and experience, but eventually it gives a striking effect, by virtue of which the experts in PDR-technology is now, as they say, is worth its weight in gold.

The glue system uses the following tools:

  • Adapters.
  • Minilifter.
  • Reverse hammers.
  • Cold or hot glue.
  • Fungi, etc.

Thermal Restoration

Another common method of this technology is thermal restoration of damaged metal. It is heated in a special way, and as a result, like a shagreen leather, it “straightens out”, acquiring its original appearance. After such “thermal” work of an experienced repairer, even high level professionals would not be able to notice the previously damaged area on the body.

PDR Technology on Cars

Direct mechanical effect

The third popular method of PDR technology consists of direct mechanical action on the metal. The repairer jewelfully returns it to its original appearance, using the most common tools.

What tools are needed

The removal of the dent requires, first of all, a proper “diagnosis”. You have to determine exactly whether PDR technology can be applied, taking into account the necessary requirement outlined in paragraph 3 above.

If the paint coating of the metal is not damaged, the specialist chooses the appropriate method of restoring the damaged metal surface. If the method of direct mechanical action is chosen, the “textbook” locksmith tools will be used, starting with the traditional hammer and chisel, which should be an important aid to become all kinds of special attachments. As for the thermal restoration, then you can not do without the help of a qualified specialist, who knows a lot about this difficult method. This also applies to the glue method.

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In what cases is it worth doing such repair

The PDR technology provides a tangible gain in time and money. From this point of view it is much more profitable than the usual straightening of the metal with subsequent puttying, painting, etc. By the way, the usual way of repairing the dent will surely meet such a problem as the corrosion-protecting zinc coating: its layer will be removed without a trace, which is impossible with the PDR technology. And maybe most importantly: after fixing the dent with PDR, there is almost no “evidence” left on the vehicle.

Therefore, such repair, if the size and nature of the dent on the metal allows it, is irreplaceable. Very few people will be able to make it by their own efforts, but finding an excellent PDR-master is not a problem at all. We wish you luck!

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