What is the multi steering wheel in a car and how to connect it properly

How to connect the steering wheel

Car manufacturing is in a constant process of development. Constantly invent various kinds of improvements, which have as their aim to make driving a car as safe and comfortable as possible.

Rules for connecting the multi steering wheel

One such improvement is the installation of a multi steering wheel. In this review, we will answer the question of what is a multi steering wheel and whether it can be put instead of the usual steering wheel.

Multi steering wheel

The name multi steering wheel is an abbreviation of the generally accepted term – multifunction steering wheel. What is hidden under this designation.

As mentioned earlier, all automotive designers are trying to make the car control very convenient. Since modern vehicles have many different gadgets and “frills”, which during the trip quite often require switching and adjustments, the driver has to be regularly distracted by them, which in turn may lead to accidents. This was the decisive factor for auto-engineers in creating a multifunction steering wheel. They tried to transfer a part of control elements to the steering wheel and free the driver from the need to throw the steering wheel and switch all sorts of buttons and levers.

Multifunction steering wheel (multifunction steering wheel) is an ordinary steering wheel, which also houses various auxiliary controls of electrical equipment of the car. In modern cars, it can be a very advanced technological device.

What can be on the steering wheel

On our roads, you can meet vehicles of different classes, of course, and the electronic filling of such cars will be significantly different. Depending on the class will be different and multifunction steering wheels. Thus, for example, in inexpensive cars, the “steering wheel” will control audio system at best, and only the function of switching it on or off. Sound adjustment and other settings, most likely, you will have to do as usual.

Picture of JVC stereo.

If the car will be higher class, the steering wheel will be equipped with climate control, on-board computer control and cruise control.

In more advanced variants, it is possible to control the cell phone from the steering wheel. This function is called “hands free” or “hands free”. Today, many smartphones have the ability to access the car audio system and through the control of a smartphone from the steering wheel you can also control the multimedia system.

In addition to the functions listed above, the multicool buttons can also control:

  • Manual and automatic transmission operation.
  • Control of transmission functions in vehicles with all-wheel drive.
  • Adjustment of suspension operation modes, which changes the clearance and stiffness of the suspension.

Multi-function steering wheels in cars with very expensive equipment, most prestigious brands usually have all these features.

It is important to remember

The multi steering wheel is a very modern improvement, but it is important to understand that the main function of any steering wheel is to steer the vehicle. In this regard, very strict requirements are imposed on the steering wheel. Having all the improvements, the steering wheel must necessarily remain comfortable and not lose its main function for the sake of modern trends. Thus, any additional functions should not distract the driver from driving the vehicle.

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Connecting a head unit to the steering wheel

Almost all cars that have a multi steering wheel have a car stereo installed. But it may be such a situation that there is a desire to replace the music system to a more advanced. In this case, you must be prepared for the fact that the steering wheel buttons will not control the new system. It will require some work to eliminate this problem. Despite the apparent simplicity of the upcoming work, the connection of a non-standard car stereo can take several hours. The success and speed of the work will depend on the skills of working with electronics, otherwise it is best to contact a master. If you still decide to try your strength and connect the radio to the multicool yourself, then following our instructions, you will achieve your goal.

What you need to prepare

  • A radio recorder that is suitable for you. The most popular among drivers are players “Pioneer” or “Sony”.
  • ISO-adapter – this adapter is often included with the equipment.
  • Buy one more of the same adapter.
  • Adapter to connect the antenna, you also need to buy.
  • Adapter, which allows you to connect the buttons on the multicool and the radio.

Adapter selection

Adapter is needed for correct connection of the non-standard head unit to the head unit. Manufacturers offer a rather diverse selection of these devices. These can be models suitable for a certain car only or universal ones which can be connected to almost any car.

Toyota Rav4 multicool

Among the universal models the most popular is the adapter with the ability to program – under the brand ACV. These devices look like a small size module with wires of different colors. These wires are led out, which facilitates the connection process with the wires on the headset. These adapters are suitable for all cassette players, regardless of brand, which have remote connection and the programming process will occur directly from the remote. ACV SWI-1 adapter allows you to keep all the functions of the steering wheel buttons and even extends their capabilities, namely, allows you to program two functions to one and the same button. This can be done by pressing and holding the buttons for a short or long time.


  • First, we connect the boombox, following all the instructions. Connect the antenna and check if the device works correctly.
  • Connect the wires of the steering wheel terminal and the adapter wires, following the scheme below.
  • The white wire on the adapter must always be disconnected from the common ground.
  • Line 1 (blue wire) – STRG SWA.
  • Line 2 (green wire) – STRG SWB.
  • MASS (black wire) – STRG GND, to the minus (body of the vehicle).

Connecting the ISO connector

After all the wires are connected, the direct programming process begins.

  1. Power to the adapter +12V – one of the LEDs should flash.
  2. Connect the white wire to the MASS, and the device enters the learning process.
  3. On the multimanual, find the volume control button, press and hold it until the LED lights up.
  4. On the remote control press the sound amplification button and point the remote control to the adapter – the LED on the housing should turn off at this time.
  5. If you want to place the second command on the same button on the steering wheel, you need to press and hold it until both LEDs light up.
  6. Press and hold the button on the remote control until the LEDs turn off.
  7. The programming of all the other buttons is carried out on the same principle.
  8. Disconnect the white wire on the adapter and isolate it.
  9. The tuning is completed and you have made your own connection of the multitroller to the custom car radio.
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Some craftsmen dare to connect the boombox to the steering wheel without the buttons on it. They face a natural question – how to make the steering wheel with their own hands. It is quite possible for those who are “friendly” with electronics. Everyone else, however, we can give advice – just buy a ready-made multifunction steering wheel, this will save yourself from unnecessary waste of time, and money.

Multisteel (F.A.Q.) Questions and Answers

In connection with the sale of multitools I am constantly being asked the same questions, so not to write to everyone in private the same thing and decided to make a separate entry in his blog. Here collected my experience and my subjective opinion in this matter, to write tried to simple language, not going into technical details. All comments and inaccuracies write in the comments, I will make amendments. For the beginning I will describe questions on Octavia A5/A5FL and coplatformnikov. All the fiddles with the control boxes are described for Octavia, Superb, Yeti. It does not change on Fabias/Roomsters/Rapids so you can skip this part.

0. What I need to install the multitool (UPD 18.04.18) As it turns out many people have no idea about the general parts list or the installation process. I never got around to describing the installation process, so I’ll temporarily post the parts list. – (PQ35) Octavia A5, Yeti, Superb 2 Control lever in 99.99% of cases, wire cushion with a tail of buttons, and of course the steering wheel with buttons or buttons for the steering wheel of a new design. For aesthetes who want the right side of the steering wheel control dashboard more need maxidot and dragonfly without buttons BC for beauty (can be disabled programmatically). – (PQ25, PQ26) Rapid (all modifications), Fabia 2, Rumster Buttons or steering wheel, the loop cushion with the tail of the buttons, a pair of wires from the return ring to the fuse box and comfort unit. For all but the Rapide from mid 2015 you need to look at the comfort unit for multicool support, maxidot for right side operation and replacement of the dragonfly (or disabling the BC buttons mechanically) – (MQB) buttons or steering wheel, cushion wire with button tail, getway with multicool support and contacting the OD / knowledgeable people on voprosou removal of component protection. Availability of maxidot is not necessary.

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1. I have an Octavia A5FL want a multi steering wheel not expensive Sorry, but it is very rare. In 99% of cases you need to replace the steering wheel control with the similar one which supports multistickle and it is sometimes very expensive. More on that later.

2. I have Octavia A5 doFL want multisteel The same as in p.1, but there are some restrictions, regular on the preFL multisteel will not operate a simple BC or Maxidot. But this is solvable, see p. 9

3. How to determine which steering wheel unit I need? Units on the A5/A5FL and coplatformnikov three types www.drive2.ru/l/1098983 and they have different seats, so when replacing you need to look for a unit of his series. You can define whether your steering wheel supports multisticker or not from the table wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/i…s#Part_Number_5K0-953-569 Information on later units look at the officers or kolubnikov. From myself I will say that the multiman support blocks 5k0-953-569-AL, 5k0-953-569-BD. Unit 5k0-953-569-AP also supports multitool, but the idea is the manufacturer it for cars with manual transmission, as he does not lock the key in the lock if the automatic transmission is not in park mode. Soclubnikami this block was put on a car with an automatic, except for the above mentioned other disadvantages are not noticed. ATTENTION: Block 5k0-953-569-T on Skoda is not suitable, as they say floating, we know! So do not fill up your lumps.

4. How do I determine what kind of block I have? Yes simple, the first option is with your favorite VasiDiagnost. Do error scan and go to the block 16, there you will see the inscription like Address 16: Steering Column Electronics (J527) Label: 5K0-953-569.clb Part No SW: 5K0 953 507 AH HW: 5K0 953 549 B So HW: 5K0 953 549 B is the number of your control panel.

The second option – go to the block 16, the button More information and see the picture

Section Advanced – Hardware number

Third variant, if you don’t have VasiDiagnosti handy – unscrew upper cover of steering tube and take picture of nameplates and then type numbers in search engine.

4а. And why do not you specify that you can identify the unit by VIN’u (UPD 31.10.2020) And because I have repeatedly encountered the situation that the VIN gives one kind of unit, but actually is the other. Even in the latest versions of ETKA there is such a record

4б. Similar to the VIN gives me a block 5k0-953-569-H. So I already have a unit with multitool support? (UPD 31.10.2020) If you do not have a multitool then 99.99% of the unit in reality is another. There are no exceptions from the factory, VGA is all clear, nothing personal, just business. The minimal part is installed at the factory and the maximum one is replaced. It costs more money.

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5. Put the steering wheel control, and the steering wheel does not work, it is impossible to code and errors on the block are falling out 16 Correct, if you bought a new steering wheel control most often it has a curve for your car coding. The easiest way to remove the coding of the old unit before disassembly, then after installing it by hand in a new unit, save the data and then encode for the steering wheel.

6. Installed the steering wheel, remote control, there is nothing to encode and the signal does not work until you encode the new steering wheel signal will not work.

7. Installed the multi, the right side does not control the BC There is such a greeting from Skoda, the right side of the multi controls only Maxidot (or more correctly called Maxidot MFD). Well, and immediately the answer to question 7a. What is Maxidot ? How to determine whether I have it installed? I think the most comprehensive answer can be found here, in Nikolay Upd 08.01.18 Found another very good description of the Maxidot. Externally Maxidot on the PQ platform can be determined by the presence of the image of the car on the dashboard screen when the door is open, as on this Rapid

8. I decided to upgrade the multitool, put the new model, and it does not work. Took it from a neighbor to try – everything is fine. The steering wheel is the same, you got it from the A7, its buttons do not work on the pq25/pq35 platform, they have a different signal system. The steering wheel shells themselves are the same, you need the right buttons from a Superb/Rapid until mid 15 or from a Yeti, it is still on the pq35. Externally the buttons are indistinguishable, you can only tell if they are correct or not by the number on the back. UPD there is another way, go to the block 16 over the long coding dropdown list, the first is the number of the steering wheel unit, the second line number of buttons

What are the numbers where you can see here www.drive2.ru/l/8114854/

9. Where can I find the newer buttons for the A5FL. Is it possible to get the multi steering wheel to control a simple BC? For the first question, it is possible to find, but difficult. With the withdrawal in mid-2015 of the entire line of old-style buttons from the market except for Yeti, there are fewer buttons on the market by an order of magnitude. You can find them, but it is difficult and expensive. Now they remained only at the Czechs and Chinese, all the rest is more often found by luck. But there is an opportunity to make work on our platform and buttons from the A7. It is a special module that scans the CAN bus data packets and when the signals from the A7 multiman adds to the CAN bus suitable data for the A5 steering wheel. In addition, it adds data similar to the operation of the right hand wheel switch for the control of the CU. The module is specially mounted in the steering wheel for easy installation. At the price of this unit is almost as much as a new block 569 series, but the steering wheel is cheaper than similar to the A5, so there is a reason to put these blocks to those who do not have the multilux, the price difference will not be felt. In addition block is already coded, so you only need to put it and go. The report about installation of such a unit is here www.drive2.ru/l/452453159072217970/.

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10. UPD I have an old style multistickle, I want to put a new one (or a steering wheel with paddles), do I need to change the steering wheel control? No, no need to change any blocks, just change the steering wheel, if the new sample with a cushion. Pillow wire from the A7 (three wires to the pad of buttons, not 4 as for Yeti) will work, does not work only with a series of blocks 1k0-953-549. The steering wheel must be with the correct buttons (see p.8).

Maxidot, as far as I need it originally Multisteel does not control a simple BC, only Maxidot. This is an additional cost and the reason why many refused to install the multitool. With the advent of the block with a CAN-adapter, this problem is gone, so the question arises as to what is needed. If you are going to install something serious like PLA park assistant or RDKS direct tire pressure control then you can’t do without Maxidot. But if you just want to know exactly what light bulb burned out or change the parameters of the automatic door closing, etc., which can be done with the help of Vasya Diagnostician (and is usually done once) I think this toy is not worth the cost.

12. found a steering wheel from a VW, will it work for me? I can’t give you the exact answer, since I don’t do much with VW steering wheels. I can only say that yes, there are steering wheels from Polo which work for Skoda. But there are two drawbacks, first is the red backlighting, and secondly the volume button and track switching with regular Skoda Swing and Bolero do not work, only with Columbus, about Amundsen not say, not aware of it. So, along with the steering wheel you are likely to have to change the head.

13. 13. How do I remove the old-style steering wheel buttons? That’s it, see pictures from Etica.

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