What is UBER and how to use it?

UBER Taxi – what is it and how to use it

Automation and centralization of already existing technologies brings the business to newer and newer levels. It was hard to think that someday we would be able to call a cab with two presses of a button, and even not a real button, but a sensor – but now it is so.

What is UBER and how to use it

UBER is a modern cab service designed to coordinate the work of cab drivers and facilitate the possibility of communication between drivers and their customers without being tied to specific companies. Roughly speaking, it is a very convenient aggregator of offers from cabs.

Once upon a time, the first UBER cab system was created exclusively for executive class cars. Since good smartphones and constant internet access were mostly in the hands of the middle class, it was quite reasonable. Since there is an opportunity to use the app, it means there is an opportunity to order an expensive car. But then later, as smartphones became cheaper and more accessible, the service adapted to the new conditions, and now the application is available to everyone.

It is the fact that the service became available to all segments of the population, without regard to their financial situation, and was the reason that Uber gradually, persistently and quickly enough conquered the world.

Modern technology is designed to make the interaction of service providers and their customers mutually beneficial and comfortable. That is exactly what UBER is doing, diligently improving the working conditions and making it more pleasant for cab drivers, and for customers – the selection process, which previously was performed by dispatchers, faster and devoid of human factor.

So, this article will look in detail at how Uber works, what specific terms mean, such as “simple”, how beneficial this application is for ordinary users, and how easy it is to “enter the world of the virtual cab”.

Uber: how does it work?

In order for you to use the UBER service, you need to download the app of the same name to your smartphone. After installation and a simple registration, which will not take much time, you can easily call a car just like in a normal cab.

After receiving the application the system will search among the cars, which were registered by their owners, will select all free cars and choose the nearest to you one. Then the agreement with the driver will be made (he will be offered to approve or reject the order), you will be “connected” in the application, you will be able to monitor the movement of the car and chat with the driver.

This “connection” will be available until the end of the order and its payment.

You can pay for your order by cashless payment only. The important difference and advantage of the UBER service is that the price for the cab services through the application is usually lower than the commercial offers of individual companies. That is why customers all over the world meet UBER with great enthusiasm.

What are the differences from the usual cab service?

UBER differs from the usual cab ordering through a particular firm in a number of ways. For example:

  1. You don’t need to call any phones. You don’t need to call a busy line, have money on your account and wait for a call back. You don’t need to receive a meaningless SMS, the content of which doesn’t correspond to reality. Even if you have absolutely zero balance, you just need to find free Wi-Fi anywhere to use the service.
  2. No conversation with the dispatchers and no human factor tied to it. After all, so often you come across the fact that the dispatcher on the other end of the line is inattentive and even allows himself rudeness. But even when everything is fine, this stage of the order is still quite time-consuming. Therefore, not having to call the dispatcher just allows you to save both your time and the time of the cab driver.
  3. The ability to quickly assess the trip gives the necessary information about the quality of services to other people. Knowing that his rating depends on the review, the cab driver will always try to please the customer. Rating affects a lot of factors: how often it will be shown in a sample of the nearest cab, and how high it is paid. You will even be able to make your own rating of “favorite” cab drivers and use only their services. This transparency reaches a level where no single firm can offer a competitive feature.
  4. Payment is deducted from your card – no problems with no change or extortionate tips. The system is very strict about how much distance was traveled and how much money you owe for the trip. There is no possibility to twist the meter physically, to take you a long way will not let a clever artificial intelligence, which will quickly report the violation.
  5. In addition, the driver receives complete safety from the robbery (all the money is safely hidden in his account) and easy financial accounting. UBER fights the shady business and makes the work of cab drivers completely legal.
  6. Not everyone can register in the system – there are a number of requirements to the car, which will weed out all kinds of trash and allow you not to be afraid of that some jalopy on three wheels will come now.
  7. You can quickly communicate with the driver and solve various issues without an intermediary in the form of a dispatcher.
  8. The more developed the service in a particular locality, the more comfortable it is for the customer: a lot of reviews, objective assessment, minimal waiting time. By using UBER, you help to develop the network.
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UBER app to call a cab

At the moment, cab drivers don’t particularly like UBER services, as they are quite demanding. But customers love them – and even the most principled have to listen to them.

How do I call UBER kb: ways to call a cab

Despite the fact that it is an application and everyone knows about it, many still try to find a way to call UBER – in general, habitually looking for a familiar scheme. You can’t call UBER, it’s an online ordering app – you’ll have to accept that fact.

What do you need to do in order to finally call yourself a cab?

First, go to the app center and find there an official program to use the service. Make sure it’s official, no “left-handed” ones, even if they promise you discounts and other benefits. You have to trust the app with your payment details – don’t do this with obscure developers.

Very often, instead of the classic application, they try to slip in a third-party service, a clone of the original. Remember that a clone is always worse. Despite the fact that they may offer you much more pleasant conditions at first glance, in practice it will turn out that they have a much smaller fleet and are much worse at looking after their service. Some clones sin by allowing drivers to “pay for” reviews and buying ratings. All of this can just hopelessly spoil your impression of the trip – we advise you not to take the risk.

Once you have downloaded and installed the application (by the way, you can do it not only through the manager, but also through the official website), do not try to run it yet – you will need to enter your account information, but you do not have it yet. In order for it to appear, you need to go to the official website of the service and register an account in the right language. You get access to the registration card after the first launch. Here you enter personal data – your name, phone number, email account and card details, which will be used to withdraw payment for trips and bonuses.

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Calling a cab from the phone UBER

Now go back to the application and complete the authorization by entering the data obtained in the previous step.

Now the fun part! Call a cab for the first time.

  1. First you have to choose a car class. There are a few of them, BlackCar – the most expensive version of the representative car, UberX – a little worse, refers to the concept of “middle class”, LUX – does not require explanation, the premium sector (remember, that’s where the whole service once started, and do not be surprised by the presence of this column in the service of cheap human transport) and Taxi – the most democratic option, which means a partner car.
  2. Choose how you want to pay – not all cities have this option, but many already have a choice of cash or non-cash.
  3. If you are transporting a child, be sure to use the UBERKids option (from three to twelve years old).
  4. When transporting pets, you will need to contact the driver individually and stipulate the nuances. The driver may refuse to take you with the pet for his own reasons – this must be taken into account.
  5. Then we “collect” the route – we specify departure and arrival point. You can enter the address in words or just mark it on the map – the latter option is great for those who are calling a car to an unfamiliar place.
  6. Next UBER will tell you the price to pay. If it does not cause you any additional questions – just agree. Otherwise, once again double-check the rank of the selected car and the presence of errors in the specified route.
  7. The application sends you all the necessary data of the selected car. Usually it is a state number, the name of the driver (you can write him in the chat, if you need to clarify the parking place or other similar details, or, for example, to report that you are delayed). Remember that it is possible to contact the driver, but it is best not to do so unless absolutely necessary.
  8. After the car is parked waiting for you, the app will notify you.
  9. Once you get to the right place, check the charge and appreciate the trip and the driver, making life more convenient for the next users. If you really liked the ride, add a tip to the payment, the driver will be grateful.

UBER Taxi Driver

Remember that cancellation of a confirmed order is always a penalty. A linked card does not give you any room for maneuver.

When planning a trip to another city, you can always check whether UBER service is available there, and even estimate the rates for hypothetical routes. That’s another big plus of UBER cabs – you can always feel at home.

Paying in cash?

For a long time the service refused to work with cash, preferring only cashless payment – it’s easier to control. But both cab drivers and passengers actively asked to introduce the possibility of paying in cash.

In the end UBER has agreed with them and allowed to choose the preferred method of payment. Now, when you enter the service, you can see the option of choosing your preferred method of payment, cash or non-cash.

It’s important to know that you can’t pay for your trip partially – half in cashless and half in cash, for example. Only in full. Regardless of the method chosen by the client, the payment is made by the same rules. Absolutely transparent and excludes the possibility of hidden surcharges.

You can also tip the driver in any way, regardless of the basic method of payment.

I transport children or pets. How do I order a chair?

In some cities (for example, in Rostov-on-Don or Moscow), UBER has launched a new service called UBERKids. This service is designed to transport children aged three years and older in a cab according to all modern rules.

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According to the new rules, for the carriage of children from 3 to 12 years should be equipped with a child seat. Since you need a different size seat for different ages, it added problems for everyone who uses the services of cab drivers. UBER has solved the problem by introducing a new additional service.

You’ll have to pay a fixed amount of one hundred rubles extra for a seat in the car. This will not affect the rates, and the cost of the trip itself will not change. In order for the driver to come to you with a seat, be sure to select UBERKids at the moment of ordering.

To find out under what conditions the driver will agree to take a dog or a cat, you should contact him at the moment of booking and stipulate the presence of animals. UBER leaves the choice to the driver whether to take the passenger with a dog or other animal or not.

Some drivers prefer an animal in a carrier, some will be satisfied with a muzzle and a leash, and some will refuse categorically. There are no uniform rules – you will have to agree individually.

On the cost of fares it will not affect, but the driver may ask to pay more. UBER does not control this point, it only controls the funds for the road itself.

Using UBER cabs, you can plan a trip from and to the penny of money, no matter where you are. Arriving in a foreign city, you get an already familiar interface and a friendly ordering system. Thus, UBER cab is a great choice for those who often use such transport and like to save money while getting excellent quality.

How to use Uber in Russia. Why is it necessary and is it useful?


To bookmark

How to use UBER in Russia. Why is it needed and is it useful?

And also about how to properly save money on Uber and not to let yourself be cheated.

Who are Uber?

Uber is an American company, an aggregator of cab services, founded in 2009. The service operates in more than 50 cities around the world, including 17 Russian cities: Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Perm, Samara, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Togliatti, Ufa and Chelyabinsk.

Users order a cab through Uber only with the help of apps on mobile devices: here is the Uber app in App Store and in Google Play.

Next – how to use the service, ride with reliable drivers, and save on travel. More pros and cons of Uber compared to other cabs.

How to start using Uber

Check whether Uber is working in your city. You can do this in the “Cities” section of the company’s official website. Then register using your account in a social network or email and link your bank card.

Done – now you are typing your destination and waiting for a car.

What is the benefit of UBER

Uber is a handy app to quickly order a cab. Usually, drivers arrive quickly – within 3-5 minutes. But it depends a lot on the fare, city and time of day. For example, in the daytime in Togliatti there are a lot of free drivers and they will come quickly, but in the morning in Moscow it will be harder to find a car quickly.

What is the difference between Uber in Moscow and Uber in regions


Uber in Moscow and the regions are different . In Moscow, a wide range of rates, a relatively strict selection of drivers and cars. As a rule, if the fare description says that a KIa Rio or similar class car will arrive, it will.

This is not the case in the regions.

For example, I have driven Ladas 3-4 times in Togliatti, and not in the newest models Vesta and XRay, but Priora, Kalina and Granta. And this despite the fact that the tariff description says: Kia Rio, Scoda Octavia, Hyundai Solaris and Renault Logan.

That is, these cars are still higher in class than the Priora and Granta.

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Uber’s “Granta” ride card

At the same time the cars were evidently over 5 years old. They were in normal condition, not “buckets with bolts” for sure, but it turns out that Uber promises one thing and you get another.

Fares and conditions

Also in the regions the range of fares and the number of available cars is smaller. It has happened more than once when I log into the app and there are no available cars in the city, even though the time is not the most congested. Drivers tell me that it’s all about constantly changing conditions for drivers.

In two weeks, the price for the same trip on the same fare (UberSTART) has almost doubled

When Uber first comes to town, it offers good terms to drivers and passengers. Cab drivers are paid extra for each order, and customers are offered low prices, promo codes and constant promotions.

When the customer base is built up, Uber begins to gradually increase prices for users and worsen the conditions for drivers.

It turned out that at first Uber employed a lot of drivers – almost all the cab drivers with more or less normal cars in the city registered there and received many orders. And then prices went up, there were fewer trips and Uber shifted the costs onto the shoulders of the cab drivers. Of course, there were fewer of them.

Then Uber apparently figured out that this was wrong, and improved conditions for drivers, but greatly increased fares for passengers. For example, in my city, Uber is the most expensive of the Uber-Yandex-Gett trio.


Togliatti, lunchtime, the usual scene: no cars available at the most affordable fare

Service and reviews

Another striking difference between Uber in the regions and Moscow is service. The fact is that when a new service appears in the city with delicious conditions, the usual cab drivers immediately come to him. Think for yourself what kind of service ordinary cab drivers can have. Hopefully, if they don’t drop a word during the whole trip and don’t turn on the radio “Vanya,” that’s a good thing.

A five-star rating in Moscow and five stars in the regions are not the same thing. We provincials are less picky: we got there quickly and in relative comfort.

So, Muscovites, if you happen to order an Uber in Voronezh or Krasnoyarsk, take this into account. It is better to choose a more expensive fare right away.

How to save with Uber

Free rides

The easiest way to use Uber for free is to invite your friends with a special code and get discounts and bonuses. Previously you could get 400 bonuses for the first trip, now they give a discount of 100 rubles for 3 trips.

The bonuses are different in different cities, but the mechanics are the same: share the code, a friend gets a discount on a trip and Uber counts your bonuses.


You can find the invitation code in the “Free rides” section.


Depending on the region, Uber has different fares. At Uber Start, you’ll get a regular foreign car or a domestic car to come to you. As I told you above, in Togliatti I have had “Kalina”, “Granta” and “Priora” come to me more than once.

But there were other situations: Kia Rio, Hyundai Accent, Chevrolet Captiva, Ford Focus.

With UberX you get a car of a more representative class, but the price will be higher. Usually there are START and X rates in Russian cities. In Moscow and some other cities there are more.

The cost of a trip is always different in different cities – remember that. While in Togliatti you can get from the center to the village 20 kilometers away from the city for 400 rubles, in Moscow it is a ride from the center to the limits of the Third Transport Ring Road.

Now Uber does not spell out in detail what car at what rate will come to you. This is bad, all limited to a description of “available rides for every day,” from which nothing is clear.

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To see a detailed breakdown of fares, click on the i in the card.

Fares also vary by the time of Uber’s presence in the market – if Uber has appeared in town recently, then the fares will be cheaper . Look at the price of the trip in different cab apps and choose the cheapest. There are no secrets here.

Promo codes

Another way to save money on rides is with promo codes. Uber is very generous with them when it first launches in the city. For example, in Samara and Togliatti, there was a promo code for a 50% discount for the next 10 rides within a month.

So I rode around the city for about two weeks: the prices came out some ridiculous. For example, I rode between districts for 37 rubles. A marshrutka or bus costs 27 rubles.


When a promotional code for a discount worked, the trip between districts was only 10 rubles more expensive than a bus ticket.


When there are few drivers on the line and many requests, Uber introduces increasing coefficients. You can see them immediately on the order card: there will be a lightning bolt icon and a value. If the coefficient is x1.5, you will ride one and a half times the regular fare.

To save money, do not use Uber when the increasing coefficients are working. Choose another cab service.

How to solve problems and conflicts in UBER

They didn’t give me a car, but they charged me money

I had a couple of times when a car didn’t arrive or the driver didn’t find me in the parking lot at the mall, and the minimum fare was deducted from my card. Then I contacted the tech support service and they returned the money in the form of Uber credits, which you can use to pay for the trip. The main thing is to explain everything calmly.

No cars

Unfortunately, Uber conditions change over time, and not for the better, including for cab drivers. Because of this there were situations when cars didn’t come. It wasn’t profitable for cab drivers to work with Uber, and passengers simply saw an empty map with no cars and used another app.

If there are no cars, just use another cab service. I do not recommend changing the fare – you are unlikely to agree to get to your destination at one and a half or two times the price.

What’s good about UBER

UBER has the best app. It is very convenient to call a car with one button, the buttons, animations and menu are all nice. The application is pleasant to use.

The customer support is really good. In all the time that I use the service Uber has always gone towards me, refunded money, took the careless cab drivers off the line.

Immediately show the cost of the trip. When you choose a destination, the app immediately estimates how much the trip will cost for Uber.

Strict selection of drivers. I almost never met bad cab drivers. Driving calmly and carefully is the norm for Uber drivers. If you come across inadequate, then just leave a negative review and write to tech support. If the scrap is big – the driver will be removed at all.

What is bad about UBER?

Increasing coefficients. Because of them a trip to the affordable UberSTART can cost almost as much as a limousine. I have to look for alternative cab services.

“Floating” price of a trip. Traditional cabs have a big plus: the price per trip is always fixed. Uber and similar services are different: if there are no traffic jams, it can be cheaper than a regular cab, and if there are – several times more expensive.

In the regions an old car may arrive. Uber realizes that in some cities you won’t be able to get the drivers with excellent cars, so you take almost everyone who wishes.

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