What pressure washer to choose for the car – rating of the best

10 best pressure washers 2021, price/quality rating

Quickly wash a car or bicycle, carpet and garden tools, make a wet cleaning of the yard – all these and many other tasks will cope with a high pressure washer.

And so you know which model to put under your Christmas tree, we have compiled the top 10 best household pressure washers 2021 , based on the price / quality ratio, reviews on Yandex.Market and VseInstrumenty.ru.

10. Bort BHR-1900-PRO 1.9 kW


  • domestic washer
  • electric type of power supply (220 V)
  • pressure 130-150 bar, water consumption 450 l/h
  • Water intake from any container
  • automatic shutoff when the trigger is released
  • one detergent tank in the housing
  • hose (8 m) on the holder
  • nozzle included: standard
  • pump housing material: silumin

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll love this model from Bort. It cleans no worse than most models under 10,000 rubles, has a good quality build and has a long 8-meter hose, which is enough to wash a car.

Just do not expect from Bort BHR-1900-PRO capabilities of a full-fledged foam generator, it can wash away the dirt without effort, but with the abundance of foam – problems. The foam comes out of the built-in tank very thin.

Pros: good pressure, quick-release pistol, auto-stop, long hose.

Disadvantages: No mud cutter, the holder of the gun is flimsy.

9. PATRIOT GT540 Imperial 322306025


  • domestic washer
  • electric type of power supply (220 V)
  • Pressure up to 130 bar, water consumption 420 l/h
  • Water intake from any container
  • one detergent tank in the housing
  • hose (6 m) on reel
  • nozzle included: standard
  • pump body material: aluminum

Another economical and good pressure washer ideal for washing cars, “getting water” on carpets or cleaning paving stones. Its self-priming pump is made of aluminum alloy, and it is not afraid of corrosion. And to save space, the manufacturer has provided a compartment for storage of nozzles.

With its carrying handle, it can be easily carried from place to place. And its long 6-meter hose with a smart attachment system (not twisted) will easily wash the windows on the second floor or reach all parts of the car.

Pros: good pressure, low price, quick release couplings.

Disadvantages: Foam set will have to buy separately, as the foam is too liquid from a regular tank, a short 2-meter electric cord.

8. BOSCH EasyAquatak 120 1.5 kW


  • domestic washer
  • electric type of power supply (220 V)
  • Pressure up to 120 bar, water consumption – 350 l/h
  • Water intake from any container
  • one detergent tank (0.45 l) on spray gun
  • hose (5 m) on holder
  • nozzle included: standard

Need a quality budget pressure washer from a well-known manufacturer? Not a word more! Take a look at the BOSCH EasyAquatak, which features a low weight (5 kg), 5-meter hose, metal pump body and has a shampoo tank on the gun. Of course, this tank will not replace a foam generator, but it will help to wash a car until it shines.

Besides BOSCH car wash has self-priming function (with good head pressure), and its compactness allows to place it even in a trunk of a car or in a larder at summer cottage.

Pros: lightweight, compact, inexpensive.

Disadvantages: A more powerful foamer, and a longer hose would be ideal.

7. Karcher K 5 Compact 1.630-750


  • domestic washer
  • electric type of power supply (220 V)
  • pressure 20-145 bar, water consumption 500 l/h
  • Water intake from any container
  • cleansing agent application
  • hose (8 m) on the holder
  • nozzle included: standard

Powerful household high pressure washer that costs a lot, but also offers a lot. Among its main advantages: the long 8-meter cord, the fine filter, the presence of a mud cutter included, and a good pressure head.

If necessary, the sink can take water from a bucket, while the power of the pressure is not lost. And a convenient telescopic handle for transportation allows you to easily carry the sink from place to place.

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Overall, Karcher K 5 Compact is a great option for gardening needs (washing paths, washing garden furniture, etc.) and car washing. However, for women’s hands its 12 kg will be heavy.

Pros: compact design, long hose, service life of 10 years if operated at temperatures down to -10 degrees.

Cons : high price.

6. Ryobi RPW36120HI 5133002832


  • domestic washer
  • battery
  • Pressure up to 120 bar, water consumption 320 l/h
  • one tank for detergent (1 l) in the body
  • hose (8 m) on the holder
  • nozzle included: standard

If you need to go beyond the reach of an extension cord, we recommend the cordless washer from Ryobi. It has the same features as most electric “counterparts,” including a long hose, the ability to draw water from a bucket, an adjustable transport handle, and large wheels.

The downside of having a battery: this model is heavier, louder and requires proper storage in the off-season. But if you need to wash a garden shed on the other side of your property, windows at a construction site, or a dirty car, and there’s no electrical outlet nearby, the Ryobi RPW36120HI 5133002832 is the best way out.

Pros : there is a mud cutter, quality assembly, good pressure.

Cons : price, a fully charged battery is only enough to quickly wash 1 car.

5. Lavor Pro Independent 2800


  • gasoline power type
  • Pressure up to 200 bar (adjustable), water consumption 630 l/h
  • cleansing agent application
  • hose (10 m) on the holder
  • nozzle included: standard
  • Compact efficient motor

The most expensive and yet the most powerful high pressure washer in our rating. In electricity it does not need, that certainly plus. The disadvantage is the smell of gasoline and noise, but then, as they say, “or check or drive”.

The model is equipped with a powerful engine Lifan (6.5 hp), has a solid brass pump and a very long 10-meter hose. For easy transportation of such a weighty sink (31.7 kg), it has big inflatable wheels and a convenient handle.

Thanks to its possibilities Lavor Pro Independent 2800 is suitable for both domestic and professional use in conditions when it is impossible to operate an electric pressure washer for some reason.

Advantages: it is possible to take in water from a drum, high quality of assembling, it is possible to wash a big passenger car and even a tractor if necessary, 5 nozzles in the complete set.

Cons: weight and price.

4. Daewoo Power Products DAW-500 (2018) 2 kW


  • domestic washer
  • electric type of power supply (220 V)
  • Pressure up to 140 bar, water consumption – 500 l/h
  • Water intake from any container
  • automatic shutoff when the trigger is released
  • one detergent tank in the housing
  • hose (6 m) on the holder
  • nozzle included: standard
  • pump housing material – aluminum

Users appreciated the low weight (8.4 kg) and excellent build quality of this model. Unlike many competitors at a price under 10,000 rubles, Daewoo Power Products DAW-500 is equipped with a mud cutter, which allows you to create a rotating stream of water. With its help, the washer perfectly cleans both stale soil crusts and dried-on pieces of cement, concrete and even plaster.

The power cord of this unit is rather long – 5 meters, but the hose is shorter than that of similar models. But the wheels and carrying handle allow you to quickly move the sink to the right place, and resume the water treatment.

Pros: it has a mud cutter and both coarse and fine filters.

Disadvantages: the pistol appreciable vibrates in hands, foam comes out liquid, the filter of clearing of water is at the bottom of a sink perpendicularly to the case, and there is a chance to break it at careless handling.

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3. LIFAN Q1500 00-00001087


  • domestic washer
  • gasoline power type
  • pressure up to 104 bar, water consumption – 273 l/h
  • Water intake from any container
  • cleansing agent application

This inexpensive pressure washer from the Chinese brand LIFAN will be a great helper in the cottage or in the garage, not equipped with electricity. It is inexpensive compared to other gasoline models, and weighs 16 kg, which is a trifle compared to the Lavor Pro Independent 2800. Inside is a 2.5 horsepower motor.

The strong metal pump and the sprayer with adjustable nozzle make the LIFAN Q1500 00-00001087 very user-friendly and durable model.

Pros : mobile, almost perfect in terms of price and functionality.

Disadvantages: No mud cutter in the kit.

2: Eco HPW-1720Si 2 kW


  • domestic washer
  • electric type of power supply (220 V)
  • Pressure 110-160 bar, water consumption 440 l/h
  • Water intake from any container
  • automatic shutoff when the trigger is released
  • one solvent tank on the gun
  • hose (8 m) on the holder
  • nozzles included: standard, fan
  • pump body material: aluminum

In Russia, the Italian company Eco is not well-known, but in Europe is very popular, and produces products of quality no worse than the famous Karcher, BOSH and other well-known brands.

The long 5-meter cord and 8-meter hose allows you to wash even a large SUV without “pulling” the washer back and forth. And if you still have to transport it some distance, it can be easily done thanks to the large wheels and sturdy handle.

I am pleased to know that there is a mud cutter in the kit, with it the washing will be really qualitative. The body of the pump is made of aluminum, which guarantees its durability.

Pros: it has a fine filter, the motor has protection against overheating, a long and strong hose.

Disadvantages: as with most models – problems with the density of the foam, so it is better to buy a foam generator.

Husqvarna PW 235 1.8 kW


  • domestic washer
  • electric type of power supply (220 V)
  • Pressure up to 135 bar, water consumption – 520 l/hour
  • Water intake from any container
  • one detergent tank (0.50 l) on spray gun
  • hose (8 m) on reel
  • nozzle included: standard
  • pump body material: aluminum

Swedish company Husqvarna has a good reputation due to the excellent correlation of price and durability and functionality of their products. Their products are expensive, but they will serve faithfully for many years.

The Husqvarna PW 235, which tops the 2021 Best Pressure Washers list, has a long, soft hose and comes with three attachments. The device switches on smoothly, works quietly, and you can reproach him for not too powerful head. But, on the other hand, it is a plus – the paint will not fly away from the car.

Pros: metal pump, long hose, high quality build.

Cons: there is no fine filter cleaning, a native foam generator gives out a liquid foam.

15 best pressure washers

Our today’s rating is devoted to the best pressure washers. Choosing a mini-washer, you can get confused in the abundance of stated in descriptions characteristics. Which of them should be paid attention to in the first place, and which are less important for the user? Let’s try to understand it.

Basic criteria for choosing a car wash

1. Choose the material from which the high pressure pump (pump) is made. It is the most used part of car washes and at the same time the most expensive. Here you should not save money, the service life of the whole device depends on the right choice.

  • List of high pressure pump heads materials, compiled by increasing reliability:
  1. Plastic is extremely unreliable. Tends to age over time. Not resistant to abrasion. Does not handle low temperatures well.
  2. Composite is brittle and does not withstand shocks.
  3. Silumin – aluminum-silicon alloy, cheap in production, but fragile.
  4. Brass – resistant to oxidation. Heavier, but also much stronger than silumin.
  • Piston material. If the manufacturer did not specify this parameter, then it is worth it to refrain from buying a sink – it can be anything, including plastic or base metal. The best option is metal-ceramic, but steel pistons are not bad either.
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2. Select the pressure created by the pump. For household washers which are bought only for car washing, the maximum pressure of 130-140 bars is considered to be enough. Sometimes the car washer is bought with extra pressure, thinking that it will work at a lower pressure than the specified one, as it is considered that this will increase service life.

3. Choose the power consumption of the carwash motor. Here you can take with reserve. For example, if you choose the carwash which creates 160 bar pressure, then you need the motor with power not less than 2700 W for comfortable work. A carwash with a smaller power motor will require frequent breaks in work.

4. The automatic shut off function when you stop working allows you to increase the life of the sink and provides energy savings.

5. Choosing a car wash with a water filter will prevent abrasive particles and debris from entering the system. There are two types of filters: fine and coarse. A fine filter is a must, a coarse filter can be purchased separately and installed in front of the inlet connection.

6. 6. The presence of a safety valve will prevent the destruction of the hydraulic system in case of failure of the protection system.

Features that determine functionality

  • The length of the high-pressure hose is one of the most important points to pay attention to when choosing a washer. Especially alert models are equipped with a pressure hose less than 6 m, they often equip the devices that have inflated specifications.
  • A place to store the hose is important for compact storage of the washer. Drum storage is considered the best, but a pressure hose wound on special holders is not a reason to give up on your purchase.
  • Water intake – very often, it is only a marketing move of the company. You can only believe the specifications, which specify the specific depth from which the intake is possible. In other cases, you have to supply water on the principle of communicating vessels, i.e. to set the flow container above the level of the pump.
  • Nozzles. Sinks, as a rule, are completed with two quality nozzles: standard and “mud cutter”. For the rest it is better not to count on – it can be a useless thing, instead of them you will have to buy high-quality accessories.
  • Location of the tank for the detergent. The most convenient in the work of the model, where the tank is directly in the body of the miniwasher, the need to connect the intake to an external container – a frequent omen of domestic models.
  • Type of cooling of the electric motor. Cheap models with air cooling quickly overheat while working at high pressure. Professional high pressure washers usually use water cooling.

Rating of the best mini high pressure washers in 2022

Category Place Name Rating
Best professional mini pressure washers 1 Nilfisk-ALTO MH 4M-200/960 FAX 10 / 10
Best semi-professional miniwashers 1 KARCHER HD 6/15 M 9.6 / 10
2 KARCHER HD 5/17 C 9.5 / 10
3 Daewoo Power Products DAW-750 9.3 / 10
4 Lavor Pro Alaska 1409 XP 9.1 / 10
Best Household Pressure Washers 1 Husqvarna PW 345C 10 / 10
2 Karcher K5 Compact 9.9 / 10
3 Greenworks G7 9.7 / 10
4 BOSCH AdvancedAquatak 150 9.6 / 10
5 Lavor Pro Predator 180 Digit 9.5 / 10
Best budget pressure washers for your home 1 STIGA HPS 235 R 9.5 / 10
2 Husqvarna PW 125 9.3 / 10
3 Huter W165-QL 9.2 / 10
4 Quattro Elementi Napoli 160 Turbo 9.2 / 10
The best car washes with gasoline engines 1 Lavor Pro Independent 2800 9.1 / 10
Best Rechargeable Mini Car Washes 1 RYOBI RPW36120HI 9.6 / 10
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Best professional mini pressure washers

Nilfisk-ALTO MH 4M-200/960 FAX

Our rating of the best high-pressure cleaners Nilfisk-ALTO MH 4M-200/960 FAX opens. Frankly speaking the term “miniwasher” is hardly applicable to this 142 kg unit – but, no matter how you look at it, everything is built according to 100% professional canon. The brass pump with three ceramic pistons is driven by a 7.2 kW three-phase electric motor providing water flow of up to 960 liters per hour at 200 bar. At the same time the manufacturer recommends up to 5 total motor-hours per day: this is not bad even for a car wash stably loaded with customers. Built-in diesel boiler allows heating water up to 90 degrees and working with steam heated up to 150 degrees – but it is an “industrial” scenario, it is undesirable for car plastics. But the built-in adjustable water softening system is always useful.

The high-pressure washer is equipped with two separate tanks for washing “chemistry”, the choice of concrete and the flow of the solution is carried out by the regulator on the front panel rotated at the desired angle to the left (tank A) or to the right (tank B). The heating temperature regulator, the water/steam mode selector and the very informative display, which, among other things, displays the information about the worked hours for timely maintenance and the self-diagnostic data, are also located next to it.

Speaking of maintenance: the design of the housing is such that all checks (such as oil level in the pump) and routine operations are easily accessible, everything has its own door or hatch. Thoughtfulness and attention to detail is an “A”.

  • Resource
  • Easy to maintain
  • Water softening
  • Steam operation
  • High price
  • Power consumption plus the need for fuel when working with hot water and steam

Best semi-professional miniwashers


The maximum pressure at the car wash is not always critically needed, but the volume of water is welcome. Therefore, the decision of Karcher engineers to combine 3,1 kW motor with a pump, producing up to 150 bar pressure (operating, not the maximum – it is 225 bar), but with a capacity of 560 liters of water per hour, can be considered quite justified. The motor is air-cooled, the head of the three-piston pump is brass, and an auto-reset pressure is provided to save the pump. Recommended time of total work per day is specified by the manufacturer as 2-3 hours: it is not a high-grade professional technique yet.

Mini washer is completed with a 10-meter hose with a brand gun EASY! The hose reel is not provided. The foam nozzle is available as an option. Its design allows you to regulate the flow of detergent in steps: at the end of the intake hose in a given position is set a special valve that has three holes with different cross-section. Thus, the flow rate cannot be adjusted during operation: you have to stop and remove the hose from the nozzle’s reservoir.

The possibility of taking water from the tank is rather conditional: with a rise of not more than 0.5 meters. However, with such a capacity to work not from the centralized water supply is at least strange.

  • A reliable pump
  • High capacity
  • With such power it is more rational to use three-phase power supply


The pump, driven by a three-kilowatt motor, develops pressure up to 200 bar (operating – up to 170 bar), providing up to 480 liters of water per minute. However, with such power, single-phase operation is both a plus and a minus. If there are no three phases at the object, there will be no choice, really – but with such power (do not forget about the starting current that is larger than the rated one) the mini car wash is very sensitive to the feeding network and is capable to cause not weak sagging of voltage in it.

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The gun is equipped with EASY!Force gun, which has an interesting system: when you hold the “trigger” for a long time your fingers do not get tired, because it helps to hold the force of the recoil of the water jet. However, speaking about duration, do not forget that the manufacturer sets for this model a full time of no more than 2 hours a day.

A convenient solution is the presence of two handles at the car wash, so it can work and be carried both vertically and horizontally. Of course, if it will be convenient for you to carry more than 20 kg “body” by the handle, instead of rolling it on the floor on wheels.

Standard hose is 10 meters long equipped with connectors EASY!Lock – they allow you to connect and disconnect it quickly if necessary, although in usual use of the sink it may be called a solution of non-existent problem – at the end of the shift a washer will still roll up the hose without disconnecting it, because what for?

  • A reliable pump
  • Easy access to filter
  • Convenient standard gun
  • Horizontal and vertical operation possible
  • Sensitivity to the status of the mains supply

The washing machine is convenient and functional, it is not for nothing that the word “Kercher” became a common noun for these machines.

Daewoo Power Products DAW-750

Continues our review of the best high pressure washers Daewoo Power Products DAW-750. At least, outwardly it is a quite professional device: the mini power washer is assembled on a solid metal frame with a pumping unit mounted on it. Moreover, the unit is interesting: brass pump with a capacity of 740 liters per hour at an operating pressure up to 210 bar. Drive – from asynchronous single-phase motor capacity of 3.2 kW, so that taking into account the starting current it is clearly necessary to connect directly to a separate and competent line on the switchboard (as with a rated operating current of 14.5 A starting will jump well over 16 A, and it will require attention and when choosing RCD: cheap over time will start to “fly out” on their own).

The complete set is excellent: there is both quite serviceable foam nozzle and as much as eight nozzles with different spraying angle (two of each type). The red ones, for example, form a straight stream with which you have to be extremely careful: it will break a car bumper at high pressure without a question. Yellow, green and white give a spray of 15, 25 and 40 degrees, respectively. A mud cutter is also included.

Nevertheless, this model cannot be referred to the number of fully professional high pressure washers. At least for the reason that the warranty conditions strictly prohibit getting extended warranty for equipment “in the exercise of entrepreneurial activity”, and the standard warranty is only one year. That is, the firm itself tactfully hints at the fact that it does not consider its products professional, on which to make money, rather than use from occasion to occasion. Plus, there are also complaints of minor and even stupid failure in operation from users (eg, the frame eventually begins to rot – and this despite the fact that the sink by definition works in puddles of water and in an atmosphere of high humidity!)

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