What the “Beware of Children” sign means

All about the road sign 1.23 “Beware of Children”.

With the arrival of spring the streets of cities and towns are busier. Warm weather is a playground for children, who do not always comply with the requirements of the traffic rules, so in areas where they are concentrated set the road sign, informing traffic participants about the possibility of children on the roadway. Although this sign belongs to the warning, it plays an important role in traffic safety. Moreover, there are nuances that provide penalties for failure to comply with certain requirements relating to the use of this sign.

Road sign

As you have already understood, today we will consider in detail the purpose of DZ 1.23, its zone of action, the requirements for the driver and the amount of penalty for their non-compliance.

How the sign looks like

In principle, most road signs have a unified appearance, so that citizens of other countries do not need to retrain to comply with local traffic laws. According to the outcome document of the UN Conference in Vienna, which was devoted to the formation of common principles of traffic rules, the look of the sign “Beware of Children” is specified in detail – it is a triangle with a red frame, inside which is a pictogram of children.

As for the shape and size of the sign, the requirements of the convention are respected in almost all states, but the image is far from being unambiguous – there is some discretion, which is used differently. For example, in the Russian Federation, sign 1.23 depicts two running children holding hands. In the Czech Republic, the pictograph shows a grandfather leading a child by the hand; in Myanmar, a grandmother is depicted instead of a grandfather. In Israel, a woman holds a girl back from a rash act. The Polish sign shows children in a static pose. In Denmark, the children are depicted in parts, as if to warn traffic participants what can happen if local traffic rules, laws and regulations are not followed.

In all countries it is prescribed to install the “Beware of Children” RS in areas where minors are concentrated, where the risk of sudden appearance of teenagers of all ages on the carriageway is high. Such places usually include pre-school institutions (nurseries, kindergartens), comprehensive schools, entertainment and sports complexes and other similar places.

What is reversing and how it works

In Russia the DZ is classified as a warning sign and its use is prescribed together with the additional sign 8.2.1 that regulates the length of the section considered to be dangerous. Outside built-up areas the Road Traffic Regulations prescribe installation of this SZ at a distance of at least 50 meters from the beginning of the dangerous section (in the United States, for example, this distance is at least 150 meters).

Road sign

Since the sign does not relate to the prohibiting, it does not impose any restrictions on drivers (if we refer to the U.S., then there is a restriction – in the zone of the sign allowed to move at a speed not exceeding 40 km / h). Our rules simply prescribe the driver to be especially vigilant and reduce the speed to a safe speed, allowing to avoid a disaster in case of a sudden appearance of the child at the road.

There is also a sign that looks like sign 1.023 “Look out for children”, but the pictogram of running children is placed here not in a triangle, but a square with a red border and a yellow background. This plate is designed for mandatory installation in vehicles engaged in group transportation of children (requirement stated in paragraph 22.06 of the traffic code). Such a plate should be hung both at the front and at the back, it must be clearly visible. For the plate OD, attached to the windshield, the size of 25×25 centimeters, for the sign placed behind, the size increased – 40×40 centimeters.

In contrast to the sign, the plate imposes on the driver of the vehicle, on which it is installed, a number of requirements and restrictions relating to the process of transporting children (while driving / stopping the car, embarking / disembarking minors).

Where the “Beware of Children” sign is installed

So, we found out that the “Beware of Children” sign is prescribed to be installed on those sections of highways (in the NP and outside cities), where the probability of their appearance on the roadway is much higher than in other areas, and on vehicles engaged in the transportation of minors. In the first case, the DM informs drivers, regardless of the presence/absence of a crosswalk, that there are risks of teenagers running out onto the road, so you need to drive with special caution, carefully assessing the road situation here.

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In the second case, drivers are warned that the vehicle ahead or behind is engaged in transportation of minors, which imposes certain restrictions on maneuvering relative to this vehicle.

Thus, it is possible to distinguish the following places of installation of this DP:

  • on the territory directly adjacent to sports complexes, educational/preschool institutions, RK, medical institutions, children’s camps;
  • in areas where there is a systematic mass gathering of children of younger age group and schoolchildren;
  • in places where children usually cross the road;
  • on vehicles, including buses, specializing on a permanent basis transportation of groups of children of two or more people, as well as performing single transportation.

Children on the Road

If the warning sign “Beware of Children” is installed on the vehicle, its driver is obliged to move with the activated emergency alarm.

The presence of such a sign is regulated by paragraph 22.06 of the traffic rules, which states that this rule may also apply to private vehicles – the only sufficient condition is the presence in the car more than two children. So, for families with many children, the presence of the OD plate in the car is mandatory.

Here are also described other requirements for vehicles transporting minor citizens. In particular, underage children are required to ride only in a sitting position, strapped with passive safety devices, accompanied by an adult.

The rules do not explain why the sign “Beware of children” is installed on the back of the car larger than on the front, but it is clear as well: drivers who drive behind, should see it from afar, to plan making safe maneuvers in advance.

Zone of action of the sign 1.023 “Watch out for children”

According to traffic rules, the zone of action of SZ 1.23 differs depending on the road situation. So, within the boundaries of cities and towns, in places where children most often cross the road, a warning SZ should be installed at a distance of fifty meters or more from such crossing, provided it is equipped with appropriate markings or without them.

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Outside the cities the distance from SZ 1.023 to a dangerous section of the highway should be 150-300 meters. In both cases the length of the “Beware of Children” sign is determined by the table 8.2.1.

Road sign

Requirements to the driver and the vehicle

The kids are not always distinguished by orderliness. Violation of the rules of crossing the road by a child is possible in any place, but there are areas where the concentration of underage population is high. Accordingly, it is here that the risks of accidents are the highest. According to the current edition of traffic rules “Beware of children” sign, in such cases, the driver is obliged to exercise maximum caution, reducing the speed of the car to the value at which there is an opportunity to slow down in time, avoiding collision with the child suddenly ran out onto the roadway. In other words, an accident with an injured child in the zone of this RS, regardless of the circumstances, makes the driver guilty.

As for the motor transport engaged in transportation of groups of children, besides installation of a sign 1.023 “Watch out for children”, traffic rules prescribe the driver to adhere to the following restrictions and requirements:

  • The route of the vehicle must be coordinated (subject to the transportation of groups of adolescents from 6 people);
  • to move at a speed limited to 60 km/h;
  • the vehicle must be equipped with a functioning emergency alarm system;
  • the driver must stay in the car until the last child has left after unloading;
  • no unauthorized persons or objects are allowed in the cabin: only children, personal belongings and officially appointed attendants;
  • If there is a convoy of children on the road, overtaking by any other vehicle is strictly forbidden.

Penalty for violation

As the sign 1.23 installed on the dangerous road section, refers to the first category (warning), penalties for non-compliance with the requirements on the passage of such sections are not established. However, in the case of an accident the blame will be entirely laid on the driver who, contrary to regulations, was moving at a speed that did not allow to prevent an impact. So, the driver is interested in observance of traffic rules recommendations, first of all, though requirements 22.06 should be observed by all participants of road traffic, including children.

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It is necessary to understand that if for travel of a road section with a sign 1.23 at high speed the punishment will not follow, at catastrophic event consequences will be incomparable with any penalty.

As for the vehicle engaged in transportation of children, the lack of an adapted sign 1.23 is already a violation, which “drags” for 500 rubles. There is also a warning, if the driver for the past six months has not committed any other offenses. The inspector has a right to choose the punishment basing on other criteria – danger of violation, the degree of driver’s behavior adequacy, general traffic situation.

It should be noted that since many children’s institutions operate on a certain schedule, the sign 1.23 can be supplemented by signs specifying the time of the main sign, but their installation is not regulated by the rules.

A “Beware of Children!” sign. – why and where to install it

Road safety is an urgent problem, which is paid special attention. Every year new traffic lights, signs and other objects that regulate the movement of motorists appear on the roads. Some got used to not pay attention to such warnings and move at a habitual pace, not realizing that in such a way they create a potential risk not only for themselves and other drivers, but also for pedestrians, among whom there are children.

Every driver today must not only know, but also comply with the traffic rules. The lives of all people on the road – drivers, passengers and pedestrians – depend on this condition. The last category includes children who very often don’t follow traffic rules because of ignorance. That is why their safety on the road is the responsibility of not only parents, but also drivers. As helpers, there are road signs that indicate that children are moving in the area. Such a sign is called “Beware of children!”

How does it look and what does it mean . On the territory of Russia, this sign is called “Children”, and in the traffic regulations is designated as 1.23. It represents a white triangle in a red border, inside which are silhouettes of running children. This is a universal designation for all states, which may differ only in the inner picture. Some countries depict just children, while others depict them with adults.

What is a differential and how it works

Why install and where . The presence of a road sign indicates that a special mode of traffic must be adhered to in the designated area. It is necessary in order to:

The motorist to draw attention to the fact that in this zone can move children, who sometimes run across the roadway in places not designated for this purpose;

Alert the motorist that there may be a crosswalk in this area where children cross the road;

notify the motorist that the vehicle on which this sign is affixed is engaged in transportation of minor citizens.

Designations of the sign regulate its installation in the following places:

on the territory next to which educational, sports and health facilities are located;

in places where a large number of children are constantly accumulated;

near holiday camps and resorts;

in those places where minor citizens cross the road;

on motor transport, usually in a bus that is engaged in the transportation of children in excess of 2 people.

Installation Rules . The warning sign “Children” is installed at different distances – it depends on how and where children’s institutions are located. How to install the sign in the city and outside the city:

In metropolitan areas, the sign is placed 50-100 meters before the intended area, where the driver should closely monitor the traffic;

Outside the city the distance is increased to 150-300 meters, in addition, 50 meters before the potentially dangerous zone the sign is duplicated.

The driver in the zone of this sign must adhere to a certain speed limit. Otherwise, the traffic police officer can write a fine of 1,500 rubles.

Bottom line . Road safety is ensured by various signs for drivers. To protect children, many of whom do not know the traffic rules and cross the road in the wrong place, a special sign was invented, which alerts the driver that children may appear on the road.

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