What to do if a traffic light does not work

What do I do if a traffic light doesn’t work?

Traffic lights automatically make intersections regulated. But the sudden cessation of its work can lead to chaos on the road. To avoid a collision, you need to follow a few simple rules.

Traffic lights do not work: what to do?

According to paragraph 13.3 of the traffic rules, when the yellow blinking signal, the absence of a human regulator and a completely non-working traffic light is considered an unregulated intersection. Drivers must follow the rules for crossing such intersections and comply with the requirements of the established signs.

Sometimes everything is simple enough – when the main traffic light is turned off, additional (reserve) traffic light is turned on. It is installed on complex sections of the road, where the lack of regulation will lead to tragic consequences. If possible, a traffic controller is sent to the intersection to help motorists overcome the dangerous section without any problems. If there is no back-up traffic light, and the traffic controller has not yet arrived, you need to carefully cross the intersection according to the rules to avoid collision with another car and hitting a pedestrian.

The traffic light has stopped working when you enter an intersection

Imagine the situation – you are approaching a regulated intersection and suddenly the traffic light goes out. What to do in this case? First of all, you need to stop and assess the situation. The situation is non-standard, so a quick decision will not work.

The second action is to study the road signs, to understand where the main road, and who is obliged to yield. However, do not forget the paragraph 13.2 of the traffic code, indicating that it is forbidden to leave in case of a jam at the intersection. This rule suggests that you should not immediately put pressure on the gas pedal, if you have the advantage. In an accident, law enforcement will look at exactly 13.2 and make you guilty of the collision. The traffic light has started.

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Another common situation – you leave at an intersection with a broken traffic light and do not have time to complete the maneuver, as the signal lights up, forbidding to continue driving. What to do?

In this case, you need to be guided by paragraph 13.8 of the traffic code. It says that when the light turns on traffic participants are required to let those who have not completed the maneuver and remained at the intersection. Again, do not immediately rush forward if the traffic light signal gives you the advantage. It is necessary to wait until the road is free of cars and pedestrians. A few rules for driving through an unregulated intersection

Here are a few basic rules for crossing an unregulated intersection that you can apply in situations with a broken traffic light:

On equal roads, you need to consider who is driving on the right and be guided by the “interference to the right” rule. If you turn right, you do not yield to anyone, on the left – to those cars that are moving in your direction on the right hand. If there is a sign “Give way” in front of the intersection, then let everyone who moves on the main road and those who drive on the secondary road on the right hand side. If there is a “Main Road” sign, then you have the advantage in that section, except for those who are driving on the main road on the right side. What pedestrians should do when traffic lights are out

Pedestrians should also follow the rules for crossing unregulated intersections when the traffic light is off – let cars pass and wait for cars to stop.

If the traffic light suddenly stopped working when a pedestrian crosses the road, it is necessary to get as quickly as possible to the sidewalk or the middle of the road, if there is an island on it. According to the rule 13.8 of traffic rules, drivers are obliged to let pedestrians who have not had time to cross the road. Unfortunately, this requirement is not always observed. What can the driver be fined for?

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The driver can be fined for noncompliance with rules of crossing of unregulated intersections under article 12.13 of the Administrative Code:

driving into an intersection where a jam has formed – a fine of 1,000 rubles; ignoring the requirement to let cars that have the advantage on the road pass – a fine of 1,000 rubles. Knowing these rules, you can not be afraid of broken traffic lights. The main thing is to be able to yield sometimes, even when the other traffic participant is definitely not right. source:

What to do if traffic lights stop working?

What to do if traffic lights stop working?

The next article in the series “Rules of the intersection” will talk about how road users should behave if the traffic lights at the intersection unexpectedly stopped working for everyone.

At first glance there is nothing complicated about it, but when the traffic lights are suddenly turned off in a real traffic situation, many drivers are confused, and at the intersection begins to be chaotic and outrageous.

For starters, here’s a little story about traffic lights turning off unexpectedly. Consider a standard intersection where 2 roads intersect. The cycle of traffic lights on it is organized as follows:

1. The green light is on for vehicles approaching the intersection from opposite directions on the main road.

2. The green light is on for vehicles approaching the intersection from opposite directions on the secondary road.

3. The pedestrian traffic light is on for all directions.

The intersection is small and therefore everyone has time to pass/pass in the right direction in the allotted time.

If the traffic lights at the described intersection had been turned off during Phase 1, there would not have been any confusion. However, in practice it turned out that the traffic lights turned off during phase 2, i.e. while the cars were driving on the secondary road.

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Certainly for all drivers this turn was completely unexpected. Therefore, those entering the intersection on the secondary road for the next 5-10 seconds continued to enter the intersection calmly, although they had to give way by the rules.

In 5-10 seconds the drivers of cars on the main road came to their senses and also started entering the intersection. The cars were entering the intersection from all directions at the same time. After only a few seconds, the intersection was completely blocked with cars that could not separate.

Pedestrians, by the way, turned out to be the most disciplined, and did not enter the intersection during this confusion.

What to do if traffic lights stop working?

If the moment you arrive at an intersection the traffic lights stop working, the best solution is to stop before the intersection.

This is due to the fact that in an unexpected situation it is extremely difficult to make the right decision. So it is better to stop and then re-inspect the intersection, which has in the meantime become unregulated. The purpose of the inspection is to find the priority signs.

After the traffic lights are turned off at the intersection, the rules of the road for unregulated intersections apply.

However, due to the complexity of this situation, it is necessary to recall the existence of paragraph 13.2 of the rules of the road:

13.2 It is forbidden to enter an intersection or crossing of carriageways if a congestion has formed which will force the driver to stop, creating an obstacle to the movement of vehicles in the transverse direction.

That is, if your car is on the main road of an unregulated intersection, you should not immediately press on the gas pedal with all your might. You should first let cars that are already in the intersection pass.

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Crash at an intersection with traffic lights off

Separately, I also want to remind you that even if your car is on the main road, you should not provoke an accident.

First of all, it will be disadvantageous and very troublesome for you in any case. Secondly, by the arrival of the employees of the traffic police traffic light is likely to resume its work, and in this case it is easy enough from the victim to turn into the perpetrator of the accident.

What to do if the traffic light resumed its work

Resumption of operation of a traffic light – the action is not as dangerous as the unexpected termination of its work, but for such a turn of events should be prepared.

Usually traffic lights turn on in yellow flashing mode, i.e. the intersection remains unregulated at first, and only after some time traffic lights switch to normal mode of operation.

However, in the case when the traffic lights immediately start normal operation, the situation is not quite simple. Here you need to be guided by paragraph 13.8 of the traffic rules:

13.8 When turning on the permissive signal of traffic lights, the driver must give way to vehicles completing the movement through the intersection, and pedestrians who have not finished crossing the carriageway of this direction.

I.e. in this case too, you should first give way to vehicles at the intersection, and only then start moving.

What should pedestrians do when traffic lights turn on/off?

For pedestrians who were on the sidewalk at the time the traffic lights turned on/off, everything is simple enough. If the traffic lights are off, the rules apply for unregulated intersections; if they are on, the rules apply for regulated intersections.

The greatest difficulties may arise for those pedestrians who find themselves on the roadway during the on/off of traffic lights. If you find yourself in this situation, then stop anywhere and think about further action, I do not recommend.

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It is best to quickly get to the opposite edge of the roadway or the middle of the roadway, if the road is wide. And decisions on the further movement to take exactly from there, i.e. from a safe place.

Fines that can be imposed on drivers when traffic lights are turned on/off unexpectedly.

Perhaps the most common penalties for unexpected turning on/off of traffic lights are those provided by Article 12.13 of the Code of Administrative Offences:

Article 12.13. Violation of the rules for passing intersections

1. Entering an intersection or crossing the carriageway of the road in case of a jam that has formed, which forced the driver to stop, creating an obstacle to the movement of vehicles in the transverse direction –

shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of one thousand rubles.

2. Failure to comply with the requirement of the Traffic Rules to give way to a vehicle using the priority right to pass intersections – shall be punishable by an administrative fine at the rate of one thousand rubles.

shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of one thousand rubles.

I hope that reading this article will allow you in the future to feel comfortable when suddenly turning on / off traffic lights at intersections and in the heat of the moment do not do something stupid.

Good luck on the roads!

an expert in automobile law in Russia. More than 11 years studying automotive regulations and advising drivers. The author of analytical articles and training courses. Head of the project PDD Master (pddmaster.ru).

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