What to do if the car burns down

What to do if the car burns down

Most drivers treat their cars as family members, and even a minor breakdown or scratch can be perceived as a personal tragedy. Today’s realities are that anything can happen on the road, including a fire. If a vehicle is destroyed by fire, its owner, in a state of shock, does not always know what to do. After a fire, it is possible to get compensation from the insurance company, the main thing is to choose the right solution and follow a certain sequence of actions.

Burnt car

Causes of a car fire

Among the most common causes that lead to a fire is faulty wiring. Ignition can happen not only while the car is in use, but also while it is parked. The use of a poor-quality or expired battery often leads to a fire. When the battery fails, the terminals stop holding a charge and this causes a short circuit. As a result, the wiring begins to melt, contributing to a hotbed of fire. In rarer situations, improper use of the vehicle or overheating of the power unit leads to a fire. When a car burns down for unknown reasons, a criminal element should not be excluded. The fire can be set by ill-wishers, business rivals or random hooligans. When the owner of the vehicle allows such an outcome, the first thing to do is to contact the police. An examination will be carried out, as a result of which they will be able to identify the offender.

Instructions for action

Destroyed by fire, there is no point in restoring the car, so the main goal should be to compensate for the losses. The owner of the vehicle will need to go through three stages in order to fully or partially recover the money spent.

  1. The first stage is to apply to the law enforcement authorities. There should issue a special document, which confirms the place and time when the car burned down. It is not recommended to refuse to initiate a criminal case, insurers can use any clue not to pay the entire amount. Insurance companies can also conduct their own investigations to determine the cause of the fire. If they refuse to open a criminal case, the victim should also be presented with the appropriate document.
  2. The second step is to contact the insurance company. When the car burned, only its owner has the right to demand compensation. It is recommended to carefully study the contract signed with the insurance company and find whether there is a provision for compensation in the event of a fire. The insurer has the right to demand a full package of documents, which may include a certificate obtained at the traffic police, the Department of Internal Affairs, a document confirming ownership, a maintenance coupon. The insurance policy may indicate the specific cause of the fire. If a large list of cases is provided, it will be easier to get the money.
  3. Stage three – appeal to the courts. This option can be fruitful, even if the owner of the car does not have insurance in his hands. After determining the cause of the fire, it will be possible to find out from whom to claim compensation for damages. Sometimes funds can be obtained from the car manufacturer or from the owners of the service center.
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What you shouldn’t do is panic. Acting with a cool mind, there is a better chance of getting your money back for your four-wheeled friend with minimal loss of time, nerves and effort.

Where to go and from whom to claim compensation

The first thing you should do is to contact your local district police department. There they will issue a certificate that specifies all the details of the accident, including place and time. A vehicle owner who clearly knows what to do if a vehicle burns down has a better chance of getting full compensation for lost money. The local department where the application was accepted should issue a copy of the decision to initiate criminal proceedings or a certificate stating that a waiver has been received. In the latter case, in addition to a copy of the document, it is possible to demand to provide material, to familiarize with all the details of the check by the law enforcement agencies. As mentioned above, the next step is to contact the insurance company. In case of arson or ignition, it will be possible to count on reimbursement of damages only if you have a KASKO policy. In the case of MTPL, the car owner will not be able to get his money back. If the driver does not know what to do with the burned car, he should refrain from rash steps. You should not engage in its restoration, or try to sell if the car was partially damaged. It is best to wait for the decision of the court.

Drawing up a report the traffic police

What to do if your car was damaged in a parking lot fire

There are many situations where a vehicle can be damaged in a fire. Regardless of the case, it will always be possible to find the person who should be held responsible. It is not uncommon for drivers to leave their four-wheeled friend in a parking lot. In this situation, they are confident that the car will be safe and protected from theft and acts of vandalism. In addition to the abovementioned, there are many others, from which the car can suffer, such as fire. The question arises, what to do after the car has burned down in the parking lot? It is not a problem to get insurance if you have a KASKO policy. An MTPL policy covers damage only if the fire was caused by a car accident. Much will depend on whose fault the fire was. If the employee of the parking lot or parking lot is at fault, compensation can be claimed without having insurance. The car owner will have one way to decide – to go to court. You can ask for help from an experienced lawyer, he can also advise what to do if the car burned in a parking lot or parking lot.

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Parking fees

Important! If the accident happened on the territory of the parking lot or parking lot, it is recommended to call a police squad to the scene of the incident immediately. Representatives of law enforcement will record the fact of arson and conduct the necessary examinations.

Without an insurance policy, litigation can drag on for a long period of time. Difficulties may lie in whether the injured person has a document confirming the transfer of the car for protection. The consideration of the dispute may not be limited to the first instance, and may even reach the Supreme Court.

Will the insurance be paid?

Many motorists are interested in the question of whether their MTPL insurance will pay compensation if their car burns down. There are certain insurance moments when companies compensate for damages in the event of a car fire. They apply only to owners of KASKO policies. Not all motorists can count on a voluntary payment, everything will depend on the type of insurance, and insurance situations listed in it. Losses are not compensated when the fire occurred due to a factory defect. Claim compensation in this situation should be directly from the manufacturer. Poor quality repairs can also be a reason for refusing to pay the insurance money. It is best to carry out maintenance and make an appointment for repairs at the stations of official dealers.

Casco and MTPL

Every driver should remember that a car is not fully insured against any accident. The fire is not an exception to the rules and if there is an accident, it is important to know what institutions to contact in the first place and what documents to prepare. It is better to take care of the safety of your four-wheeled friend in advance and buy a Hull Insurance policy, which will include as many cases of compensation as possible.

What to do if the car burns down

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Fire is a nightmare for every motorist. Alas, such emergencies occur frequently in Russian cities. After a fire, you will most likely never be able to rebuild your car, but you should in no case sit idly by. Despite possible prolonged legal suits, the car owner always has a chance to receive compensation for the burned car. What to do and where to apply in such situation – see the instruction of Autonews.ru.

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According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in every fifth case we are talking about purposeful arson of vehicles. In addition to criminal elements or careless handling of fire, the car may burn due to technical problems or installation of additional non-standard equipment. The cause of the incident may be, for example, an electrical malfunction, the use of an old battery or engine overheating. The car may catch fire not only while driving, but also when the car is parked.

In the first instance, the owner of the destroyed car should contact the local police department. There, the car owner must get a certificate confirming the fact of the fire. In the document, the police must necessarily specify the place, time and details of the incident. It is necessary to get this certificate even if the car was not completely burned during the fire. If the car was burned intentionally, the police must also provide a certificate of criminal proceedings. A copy of this document will do.

After that, a petition must be filed for the appointment of a forensic examination, which will determine the extent of the damage. If the police refuse to initiate a case, the driver can file a complaint to the prosecutor’s office, which will verify the legality of the decision of law enforcement officers.

The whole package of documents, gathered at the police, is necessary for the insurance company and will help to get a possible compensation in the future.

But you should do it only if the car was insured under the hull insurance. Call the insurance company immediately if you discover a burnt-out car. The operator will prompt the right algorithm of actions and will name the list of necessary documents. In addition to certificates from the police, the motorist must take the PTS with him to the office of the insurance company.

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In addition, you will have to present the burned car itself for inspection in the future. It is possible that the versions of the driver and insurers about what happened may differ. In this case an independent fire-technical expertise will be needed. It is possible to count on compensation without a comprehensive auto insurance unless the fire happened as a result of a traffic accident.

The driver can also count on compensation without insurance. To do that you need to wait for the exact cause of the fire and go to court. If the police manage to find the culprit, they can demand compensation for damages. You can file a civil suit already during the preliminary investigation. If the arsonist remains unknown, it will, unfortunately, be impossible to get money.

Compensation can also be claimed from the employees of the parking lot or parking lot. However, it is very difficult to do this, if the driver has not previously concluded a special contract with them. In addition, compensation for damages should be requested from the car manufacturer itself, if the fire occurred due to a factory defect. And if the expertise proved that the car burnt down because of poor-quality repair, then the claim should be sent to the service center. Of course, the car owner will have to hire a lawyer or an attorney for the duration of the lawsuit.

In order to protect yourself and your car from fire, first of all, regularly check the tightness of fuel and oil systems, as well as the condition of the battery. If you find stains under the car, it is best to call for service as soon as possible.

Always remove foreign objects from under the hood of the car: rags, rags and so on. If gasoline canisters are stored in the trunk of the car, they should be securely fastened. When buying a used car, make sure there is nothing wrong with the car’s electronics.

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