What to do if your back sweats in the car

104. To keep the butt from sweating. Or alcantara covers.

The regular upholstery of the seats during intensive use of the vehicle not only gets dirty, but also wears out. To avoid, let’s say, all the above disadvantages, two years ago, I installed a set of chic frame covers. Which entailed: practicality, simplicity and ease in keeping the interior clean, the maximum moral satisfaction, every time you open the door of your beloved car.

But, I, as well as all the owners of cars with leather interior, firsthand know certain disadvantages, delivering discomfort at certain times of the year.

In the summer, only in the hottest weather – you sweat faster. But personally for me it’s not a global problem, as I almost always ride with air conditioning. In winter, even with a short stop, it is a little bit cold. I have to wait until heating of seats begins to carry out the direct obligations, which is not very convenient.

And, actually, on the threshold of New Year holidays, I decided to make myself a little present in the form of a cape from alcantara.

I went to the choice of capes pretty carefully. For a few months I gathered the necessary information. I read a lot of articles on the drive and in groups in contact. My choice fell on the company AS-INTER.

I have contacted their managers and they have listened to all my wishes. They defined the color, pattern, thread color and in five days I had the desired item in my hands. I went straight to the garage to try it on.

The first thing I wanted to note was the quality of the product. The material was really nice to the touch. Dense, firm and soft at the same time. Everything is made to my personal order.

The hook on the headrest of the seat, made with velcro, which would not create background noise in the car.

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Fastening element that goes between the seat and the backrest.

The back of the side. All done in good conscience. High-quality stitching on each element, which can not but rejoice. The threads are not torn anywhere.

The element connecting the back and seat.

Capes of Alcantara (Deluxe) brown color. The color of the thread – black. Stitching design – rumb. The embroidery is done to my order.

Installation is simple and trivial, even a child can cope: 1) Spread the cape on the shape of the seat.

2) Click the fasteners on top. 3) Fasten the clips under the seat.

Adjust the cape on the seat so that there is no tension and wrinkles, adjust the headrest and backrest.

And the end result is done!

Bombastic look, I really liked it. The quality of products at the highest level. In use since the end of September this year, the appearance has not lost, easy to clean and clean.

Do not use seat heating anymore! Warmth and comfort, not only me but also the passengers. Also want to note the additional protection from damage to the skin, which is not unimportant. In general, one plus!

Color is different in the photo, in real life they are a couple of tones darker.

10 car seat covers for a comfortable ride from AliExpress

Car seat covers are a very useful and practical thing, because they not only help to protect the seats from various kinds of dirt, but also allow you to get some features that not every car has as standard equipment. That’s why today we will look at 10 car seat covers from AliExpress, which should appeal to all car enthusiasts. Let’s go.

Blower and cooler cape

Summer is coming and I personally have already started noticing how much my back sweats when driving in temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius. This functional seat cover will help with this problem. It blows air and even cools the driver’s seat, thanks to four turbine-type coolers built into it. Powered by a standard 12V cigarette lighter.

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Cape with orthopedic back support

Cheap “breathing” cape with orthopedic back support will significantly reduce the load from the lower back and spine on long trips. The cape is made of a mesh fabric stretched between geometric ribbing. The cape is fixed by rigid wide rubber straps directly to the seat itself.

Breathable mesh fabric cover

Another great cover made of breathable mesh fabric, perfect for long hours in the car in summer. At the top of the seat, the cape slips over the headrest for a snug fit. Bottom part is fastened by rubber ties. Perfectly suited for leather seats, and will be especially relevant in hot weather. You can choose from three colors.

Capes with fur pile

Very cool faux fur capes that will not only feel good, but also comfortable to sit on, both in winter and summer. As practice shows, fur capes or covers are much more practical in hot weather than leather seats. You can choose from as many as six types of color variations and fast delivery from Russia.

Capes with soft cushions

Cool soft plush capes for car seats, which will provide a very comfortable stay in it for both the driver and the passenger. This is one of the few capes that almost like seat covers provide seat protection on the side as well. It is also worth noting the soft velour inserts in the knee bend area. You can choose from 5 color variations and expedited shipping from China.

Lightweight linen fabric cape

A breathable linen fabric cape with diamond stitching. You can choose the stitching in black, brown and red thread, which will make the cape stand out in the car. The cape itself is very lightweight and if you want it can be removed and folded so that it does not take up much space in the car. It is also very easy to wash. Fastened by standard rubber straps with plastic locks.

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Genuine fur leather cape

Very cool and soft sheepskin genuine fur cape, which literally envelops the car seat. The cape completely covers even the headrest of the seat. Strongly rejoice and the low price. Fastening is carried out on belts with metal and plastic fasteners. You can choose from 6 color variations.

Capes made of viscose

Very light and practical, viscose seat covers are breathable, yet quick-drying and hypoallergenic. Also, viscose is pleasant to the touch, which will have a positive effect on the comfort of sitting on them. Also, the capes repel dirt well drape easily and do not require care. There are three colors to choose from.

Alcantara cape

Excellent quality velvet alcantara cape with practical faux leather inserts. In practice, the suede used in the production of these capes is very high quality, it is easy to clean and vacuum. Also it can be noted that the stitching on the synthetic leather hardly comes apart with time which keeps presentable look of the capes for a long time.

Heated cape

Lastly, quite widespread and useful heated cape for cars which don’t have this option as standard. The cloak can be easily mounted on the seat and will help to warm your heel when you need it. There are two modes of adjusting the temperature of heating, which allows you to adjust the level of output heat for yourself. Powered by a standard 12V cigarette lighter. You can choose from two colors: gray and black respectively.

That will be all. I hope this selection helped you to choose a useful cape for your situation. You can find even more interesting picks below in the section about the author. Also do not forget to subscribe to Telegram channel TechnoReview , there interesting tools, new products from Xiaomi and cool products from AliExpress are released the fastest. If you liked the selection, share with friends , let them also know about the possibility of a screwdriver, which are extended with nozzles. Good luck and good mood everyone. Bye.

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