What you must have in every car

What to have in the car

Good afternoon! I have long been puzzled by this question – What do I need to have in my car?

Today I read an article on Mail. ru:

There are things you should have in every car. Just in case.

1. According to traffic rules Emergency stop sign, fire extinguisher and first aid kit are obligatory. But not everyone has them! Therefore, you must remember that cars must be equipped with at least one powder or hladonovym fire extinguisher with a capacity of at least 2 liters (that is, a small balloon will not do.). In addition, monitor the expiration date of the fire extinguisher and its pressure (if you have a pressure gauge).

When choosing a sign of an emergency stop to save money is not recommended. It is better to take signs with a metal base, that will prevent its blowing off at the slightest gust of wind.

As for the first aid kit, then everything is not so simple. In 2010 in Russia was approved composition of car first-aid kits, which do not include any (!) Medicines. Now there are only bandages, tourniquets and adhesive plasters. And what to do if a person has a heart attack? You can’t just use Band-Aids to treat it… And it’s also good to have headache or diarrhea pills with you. “Auto Mail.Ru”, after consulting with doctors, has made a list of drugs that you should have in your car kit. Hydrogen peroxide – a universal antiseptic and styptic, a means for the primary treatment of surfaces contaminated with biomaterials (must be non-expired, and the bottle should be replaced after each use, so it does not run out).

“Paracetamol” or analogues is a low-toxicity analgesic and antipyretic. “Captopril” 25 mg – an oral emergency remedy for high blood pressure. Nitroglycerin, tablets or sublingual capsules – an emergency treatment for angina and heart attack. Adrenaline solution for injection with a syringe – to stop a severe allergy or asthma attack. De facto it is almost impossible to buy (in the civilized world it is sold in the form of injectors similar to a fountain pen – EpiPen and other brands), so a replacement can be “Loratadine” in tablets (for allergies) and “Salbutamol” in an inhaler (for asthma). Any antacid (Maalox, Renny, Gastal, etc.) is safe for stomach pain and heartburn. Drugs against diarrhea (“Loperamide” or analogues). “Artificial tear” – to wash the eye in case of trauma or foreign body ingress. “Oxymetazoline” (spray) or analogues – against a runny nose. Burn spray (“Panthenol” or equivalent). A small syringe (for flushing anything, suctioning mucus from the airways of the newborn when giving birth on the way). Condoms (in addition to their direct purpose, can be used for an occlusive dressing and as a reservoir for water). Concise and clear instructions for use with a description of the symptoms for which the medication should be used. Forceps (to take out the foreign body).

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**P.S. I would also add: scissors, dry ice, activated charcoal.

Be sure to buy a small flashlight and put it in the glove compartment. We know nowadays any smartphone can perform its function, but don’t forget that it drains the battery quite a bit. And periodically change the batteries in the flashlight!

3. “Set for a traffic cop” Be sure to put in the glove compartment a small folder with several pieces of A4 paper and a blue or black fountain pen. After all, if you have to write, for example, an explanation to the traffic police, fill out a form about the accident or any statements, you may need it all.

4. Tool kit, gloves, wipes, wires and rope

Having 10 and 12 wrenches, a Phillips/pliers screwdriver, and small pliers in your car won’t hurt. In addition, do not forget the gloves and wet wipes. Also wires for “cigarette lighter” will be not superfluous (we recommend to look at our material “How to smoke the car correctly”) and a rope.

5. Universal knife

Often his knife is called “Swiss”. In addition to the blade itself, it would be nice if it had an opener and a corkscrew.

6. Go pee.

Mini toilets can save the honor of not only the driver, but also the passengers. It is a small bag with special absorbents, where you can, without attracting attention, go and urinate. It’s especially important to have such a thing for parents traveling with small children. Price – 300-600 rubles.

7. Wire for phone

In today’s world drivers are increasingly becoming “energy-dependent” – the batteries on smartphones run out before your eyes. So always keep in your car wire to recharge your phone (in stores now you can find a lot of cheap non-original). Well, if your car does not have a USB connector, then buy another adapter for the cigarette lighter.

8. DVR Thanks to it you can always understand who was at fault in the accident, protect yourself in case of “set-up”, and in some cases even save yourself from jail time. And in a dispute with the traffic cops, you can always prove that you are right. Now the market offers a huge variety of DVRs – some cost “kopecks”, the price of others exceeds 20 thousand rubles.

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9. Phone numbers “just in case” Write down on the card a few useful phone numbers: your insurance company, a store selling spare parts for your model, auto service, towing service, lawyer (if you have one), mobile tire fitting shop, cab, “sober driver”, technical roadside assistance services. And not only of your city, but also coordinates of the organizations which work all over Russia (for example, auto clubs – even if you are not their member, they will come to your aid, for money, of course).

10. Cleanliness for headlights “Auto Mail.Ru” proved that driving with dirty headlights, especially in the dark season, is extremely dangerous. That’s why it is necessary to clean the headlights before each trip! For this purpose special sprayers with rubber brushes are the best. Spray a few times on the headlight and then remove all the dirt.

Well done to the person who read all of this…

I would like to hear your opinion, especially about the first aid kit. Back in 2009, I had to use the first-aid kit, good thing I had an imported Czech one, there were a lot of useful things, even scissors cut perfectly. Then it really helped, there was dry ice, blood-stopping bandages, bandages, rinsing and disinfectant, painkillers, and well, in advance I found a translation of all medicines and their uses… Here’s the question for you: What else would you add to the above list, Mail.ru editors? What do you consider necessary to carry with you in the car, other than the above?

What should be in the car: 25+ essentials

If the lawmakers dictated to us the composition of the minimum set of the motorist, there are many options for its expansion for different situations. Let us limit ourselves to the necessary and sufficient.

What should be in the car, according to traffic rules

According to the law the driver is obliged to have the documents for driving a vehicle and an insurance policy, and the car should be: medical first aid kit, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, reflective vest (jacket, vest-wrap).

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But there are nuances. The absence of “special clothing” in the car is not a violation, and if so, there is no fine. Now for more details:

  1. Documents . Chapter 2 of traffic rules includes the following obligatory documents to be presented to the police: driving license, vehicle registration certificate, MTPL policy in hard copy or in electronic form. For absence of any of this set art. 12.3 of the Administrative Offences Code provides for the penalty in the amount of 500 rubles. In addition, part. 1 of article 27.13 of the Code of the Administrative Offences gives the right to policemen to detain a vehicle for negligent drivers. This means the payments for car towing and impounding the vehicle.
  2. Car medical kit. With its composition you can read in detail in the material at the link. According to part 1 of Article 12.5 of the Administrative Code, driving without first aid kit will incur a warning or a fine of 500 rubles.
  3. Fire extinguisher . Powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguishers that do not contain liquids or foam are permitted for use. The capacity of a fire extinguisher for passenger cars must be at least 2 liters. In addition, the fire extinguisher must be certified, filled and have an unexpired shelf life. In the absence of a fire extinguisher comes into force all the same part 1 of clause 12.5 of the Administrative Code: a warning or a fine of 500 rubles.
  4. The sign of an emergency stop . More about GOST requirements to this sign and rules of its use read the material on the link. In the absence of a sign of an emergency stop sign comes into force of Part 1, Article 12.5 of the Administrative Code (warning or fine of 500 rubles). It is worth mentioning that the sum of penalties for absence of several of the above-mentioned three items in the car is not allowed, and the fact of absence can be determined only during the inspection of the car, which should be proved by law.
  5. Reflective clothing . In this category of paragraph 2.3.4 PDD includes: jacket, vest, reflective vest with strips of reflective material that meet the requirements of GOST 12.4.281-2014. Three styles of such “overalls” are allowed.
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Minimum set

Standard complete set of your new car necessarily includes not stipulated in the traffic rules, but dictated by life itself a gentleman’s set of the motorist:

  1. A spare wheel. Full-size or “dokatka”. A number of manufacturers use RunFlat tires with reinforced sidewalls, which in the case of an ordinary hole will allow at low speed to “wiggle” to tire fitting. Usually in such cases in the trunk there is a can of sealant, but against large cuts and tire rips it is powerless.
  2. Jack . Necessary for changing the wheel. Staff jacks are not always convenient, but at least they have them.
  3. Wrench . Everything about the jack also applies to it.
  4. Standard screwdriver . Not available in all models, but its use in the car, of course, you can.

Base kit

Experience prompts that it makes sense to carry in the car and something “above the norm”:

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