What you need to know, traveling by car to Ukraine

Useful information and important information for travelling by car in Ukraine

The current situation between Russia and Ukraine has become an obstacle for many relatives, businessmen and travelers who want to cross the state border by their own car and get to Ukraine.

Car Travel in Ukraine

If you need to go there, you need to prepare a certain package of documents in advance. And although the law requires only a passport, in order to guarantee a smooth border crossing it is better to prepare more thoroughly.

Much everything depends on the border guards themselves, because they will make the final decision. If you want to avoid unforeseen and unpleasant situations, prepare in advance, take the necessary documents with you and travel calmly. There are no obstacles for law-abiding citizens.

Current relations

Relations between the two countries escalated back in 2014. This was influenced by both political and geopolitical factors. This provoked a wave of conflicts in the eastern part of Ukraine, which do not stop until now.

The political relationships are really complicated, there are hostilities on Ukrainian territory, and the citizens themselves are confused and sometimes do not understand what is happening. But most importantly, why this is happening.

No negotiations have yielded any results so far. This largely prevents the free crossing of the state borders of the two countries, as it was just a few years ago.

Relations are strained, and therefore Russian citizens are selectively allowed into Ukraine. Anyone who arouses any suspicion, has no documents, or has no clear purpose for their visit is sent back. But with proper preparation and observance of all applicable rules, it is not too difficult to visit Ukraine even with your own car.

Relations between Ukraine and Russia

You do not need to be afraid to go to Ukraine with your car and Russian license plates. The Russians are quite normal and acceptable there, and they are certainly not considered enemies, as they assiduously tell us on television. It cannot be ruled out that there are not entirely inadequate people, but there are such people everywhere. And relations between countries do not play a key role here.

The partial and largely conditional breakdown of relations in no way prevents Russian citizens from visiting Ukraine and travelling around the country in their own vehicles. It is only necessary to pass customs control, having previously gathered the necessary package of documents.

Customs control

Now it’s worth talking about crossing the border with neighboring Ukraine with your own car. There are no significant obstacles for law-abiding citizens who travel on business, to relatives or simply for a tourist purpose. Now there is a certain order and rules of entry into Ukraine for those who travel by their own car. Ukrainian customs officers may conduct a more thorough inspection, and even a search. But this is the exception rather than the rule. Only the most suspicious cars are checked.

If you are thinking about how to cross the border between Russia and Ukraine by car, then you should roughly understand what you need to be prepared for. If your intentions are good, go through all the standard procedures and drive through. Usually the control includes:

  • verbal interview;
  • Inspection of goods in transit;
  • inspection of belongings;
  • vehicle record-keeping;
  • control of the record of goods brought into the country;
  • verification of taxes and fees paid.

When you cross the customs control, the officers of the agency controlling the border with Ukraine can choose the necessary form and scope of inspection at their discretion. However, they act within their own customs code and international regulations. There is no need to talk about exceeding their authority with regard to Russian citizens who are not on the list of banned. Do not believe me if you are told otherwise.

If we talk about where it is better to cross the border in your car, you can use one of several existing control points. They are located in:

  • Goptovka;
  • Peski;
  • Pletenivka;;
  • Chugunovka;
  • Baczewskie;
  • Gremyache;
  • Izvarino;
  • Katerynivka.

Keep in mind that military provocations have occurred near some checkpoints, such as Izvanino. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose only the safest locations far away from conflict zones.

Required documents

It is important to note that the Russian internal passport is no longer valid as a document for crossing the border. This rule has been abolished. Now the passport and a certain set of additional documents are used, depending on the specific situation and purpose of arrival.

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If you decide to go to Ukraine by car, prepare the following documents:

  • Foreign passport. Since the internal passport is no longer valid in such situations, it is obligatory for all Russian citizens entering Ukraine to have a foreign passport. Often it is enough. But it is better to be reinsured and to take some additional documents;
  • Return ticket. You don’t need one for entering by car. But if you are going back by another means of transportation, then you must use it to keep you from detention;
  • Invitation. Can be from legal or physical persons. It is not a mandatory document. It’s useful when the purpose of your trip justifies the existence of an invitation. But also such a document greatly reduces the possible risks of rejection. Rather subjective factor, but useful. It is better to make an invitation for men. In the case of children and women the requirements are not as stringent;
  • Proof of rental accommodation or a booked hotel;
  • Financial security. Must match the length of time you plan to enter the country. It’s usually recommended to have at least $600. But the official sources say that for the day of stay should not be less than 2 thousand rubles. This is about 700-800 hryvnia, depending on the exchange rate. The amount is given for 1 person;
  • Documents for the car (STS); , corresponding to the requirements of road international convention;
  • A special insurance policy called OSGRO. This is an analogue of the local MTPL insurance. It is issued at the border and takes minimum time;
  • The analogue of this insurance is a green card, which you can get on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • If the car is not yours, you need to bring a power of attorney from the car owner. This power of attorney should be notarized. You must have a clause stating that you are allowed to cross the border with this car;
  • If the car is company and registered in the name of a legal entity, you also need the same power of attorney, or a special travel certificate, which is accompanied by a waybill.

It cannot be said that collecting such papers is incredibly difficult. This is a standard package of documents designed for crossing any borders and for travel to many countries around the world.

If you want to minimize any possible problems, as well as avoid unpleasant situations at the border, add a few more documents to the basic package:

  • original invitations, preferably notarized;
  • Certificate of marriage, if required;
  • any papers that confirm the purpose of your visit.

The last point can include papers on real estate, birth certificates and other similar documents.

Such a thorough preparation of papers is connected to the fact that the decision will be taken directly at the border by border guards. Much, as practice and experience of Russian citizens shows, depends on the particular border guard who will be responsible for checking your documents.

It is better to be reinsured, to collect the full package, so he could be sure that you are reliable and that you have good intentions for the car trip you are about to make.

Documents Required for Travel

But there is no need to carry in the car the vehicle license plate number, various medical certificates, certificates for toning or ecological tickets. No one requires or checks them there. Leave them at home.

Requirements for the car and transported luggage

Travelling by car in Ukraine does not require payment of fees and taxes in situations when the trip lasts less than 1 year. The only thing you may be required to fill out an exit declaration on the Russian side of the border control.

If you plan to travel for 2 months, you must additionally register your car.

Special attention should be paid to the question of luggage transportation from Russia to Ukraine by your own car with Russian license plates. If you have food, their amount should correspond to the norm required for a snack. That is, it is not recommended to carry a large number of products that look like you are going to sell them. Otherwise, it will be considered as a commercial cargo, which will make it much more difficult to pass the control.

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You know perfectly well that there are no weapons involved. Don’t try to transport items of the appropriate category. Even if you have the permit documents, there may be problems. You should not take any chances.

As for the various gadgets and various devices, there are no strict limits. But their total value must not exceed 500 euros. This does not apply to your personal phone or tablet of the child.

But situations may be different. In some cases, auto travelers are forced to pay VAT and 10% of the value of imported electronics.

The strictest ban applies to the import of any items with Russian symbols. It is explained by the difficult political situation. That’s why it’s not recommended to take various flags, pictures of emblem and photo of the president.

Requirements for travelers

This is not to say that traveling by car to Ukraine is incredibly difficult. If you have good intentions, have all the necessary and insurance documents, then there should be no obstacles in crossing the borders. Not everything is as scary as some people imagine or as they sometimes show on TV.

If we talk about the requirements for the auto-travelers themselves, it is necessary to confirm the fact of solvency.

According to the latest information, one person is required to have at least 837 hryvnias for one day. At that, the total sum available should amount to more than 5 thousand, even if the trip is only for one day.

This amount is allowed to be in cash or on a bank card. To pass the control it is better to have the money on the card and cash in Ukrainian national currency at the same time.

Requirement for a car and transported luggage

For some motor travelers there are additional requirements in the form of a hotel reservation or a sanatorium voucher. This will confirm that the citizen will stay for a certain period of time in the country, and they will not exceed the established limits.

If you go on a trip with children, which is quite safe, contrary to popular belief, you should also draw up documents for them, or enter the children in the passports of their parents. If you travel with someone else’s child, he or she must have the consent of the parents, certified by a notary.

What you need to know about the traffic rules

Every country has its own rules of traffic regulations, which must be obeyed. It is worthwhile to get acquainted with the Ukrainian traffic rules. Although, there are no significant differences from the Russian rules.

According to PDD, a foreign driver must have the following documents:

  • STS;
  • license;
  • Insurance policy or green card;
  • Power of attorney (if the car is not his);
  • Passport (not obligatory, but better to take in the car).

Local traffic police officers may stop the car if the driver violates traffic rules or behaves suspiciously while driving, which may potentially indicate his/her being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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If the inspector stopped you in the evening or at night, make sure that the stop is on a lighted section of the road, or the special vehicle’s lights and beacons are on. The inspector himself must have a vest with reflective inserts.

It is interesting that there are no mandatory requirements for the use of the child’s car seat. But you should know about necessity to stop not less than 10 meters from the crosswalk, and also 30 meters if there is a public transport stop nearby.

The rules for overtaking are the same as in Russia. You may be fined for tinting that does not meet the standards for passing. You will also be fined in Ukraine for not having an emergency sign, first aid kit and fire extinguisher. If your windshield wiper blades do not work when it is snowing or raining outside, you will also have to pay a fine.

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Reports and Fines

If you have been pulled over for an offense that has all the grounds and evidence, arguing is not advisable. There is a fact of violation, so the best solution is to sign the protocol, pre-checking whether the inspector recorded everything correctly there.

There are situations when the inspector offers to pay on the spot. It is absolutely illegal. According to the rules, the inspector draws up a protocol, and then passes it to the court. No payment on the spot is out of the question.

Also, the inspector will not detain you if the offense does not require the removal of license plates or sending your car to a impound lot.

If we talk directly about the amount of fines, then they start from 170 hryvnia and can reach about 8.5 thousand. And this is about 20 thousand rubles.

Here are some examples:

  • If you exceeded the speed limit not more than by 20 kilometers per hour, you may get off with the minimum penalty in the amount of 255 hryvnias;
  • If you also exceeded the speed limit, but by more than 50 kilometers per hour, then the penalty will make up 510 hryvnias, that is twice as much;
  • For creation of emergency situations in Ukraine you will be fined for 680 hryvnias;
  • You should not park in the places which are intended for the disabled and have the corresponding warning signs or markings. Otherwise you will be fined 1700 hryvnias;
  • If you use illegal special signals, according to the law the inspector can fine you up to 8500 hryvnias.

Now we are talking about possible increase of minimal fines, that is why the mentioned sums may noticeably increase in the near future. But for now such norms are in force.

The most correct decision is not to break traffic rules. Then you won’t have to figure out how much to pay in this or that situation, and also you won’t need to convert the paid amount into Russian rubles with fear. Still, 700-800 hryvnia does not seem as big a sum as 2000 rubles.

Who is not allowed to enter

There is a so-called list of citizens of the Russian Federation who are banned from entering Ukraine. But among them there are no ordinary law-abiding citizens. Here we are talking only about various political figures, journalists, as well as some entertainers.

If a citizen does not express his position and does not publicly demonstrate a negative attitude to Ukraine, then you should not fear that they will not let him through the border.

The SBU periodically adds to the list of individuals and entities who will definitely not be allowed through by car, train or any other means of transport. They are available at the official sites, so everyone can study them if they wish.

But now rumors are actively spreading that no man between the ages of 18 and 60 will be able to pass through the border. Everyone is allegedly turned around at the checkpoint and sent back. This is not true.

Yes, military personnel are not allowed through now. Neither are people who do not have a clear purpose for their visit, with problematic documents or irregularities in the control process.

One cannot rule out cases with a subjective assessment of a citizen, when a customs officer may refuse to cross the border and stamp an entry ban for several years without explanation because of some personal animosity. Usually this happens when a traveler behaves inadequately, cannot explain the reasons for his visit to the country, does not present a complete package of documents. Otherwise, there are very rare situations in which, even with all the documents and complied with the requirements, a person is not allowed to enter. This is an exception to the rule. And here we are talking about the subjectivity of the customs officer, who was not guided by the laws. If you want you can appeal this decision directly to the management of the checkpoint.

You can go to Ukraine by car, and in some cases you even need to. Yes, in some places the procedure is more complicated and the list of necessary documents is longer. But otherwise for ordinary citizens the situation has not changed significantly.

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Penalties for legal violations

If you intend to travel by car, just prepare in advance, collect your documents, study the most preferred and fastest operating checkpoints, so that you will not be delayed at the border. Be polite, stay calm and follow the instructions. And then there will be no problems at customs and on the territory of Ukraine, even if you have Russian plates.

In Ukraine travelers are welcome and quite adequate to the Russian citizens who are friendly, do not show aggression, and respect the local laws and regulations. You should not believe rumors and gossip, as well as made-up stories on television in both countries.

What you need to know, traveling by car to Ukraine

Article about what you must know before travelling by car to Ukraine. Important advices and recommendations. At the end of the article is a video about the road trip to Ukraine. Article about what knowledge to equip oneself with before a car trip to Ukraine. Important tips and recommendations. At the end of the article is a video about the road trip to Ukraine.

What you should know when going by car to Ukraine

Many people prefer automobile travel to any other kind of travel because it gives freedom of movement, an opportunity to independently choose sightseeing, change the place of overnight stay and rest depending on your preferences, mood and weather conditions.

One of the popular routes for car rides is Ukraine, which is impressive with its nature and historical values. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the Carpathians, Lviv and Synevir, Khotyn fortress and St. Sophia Cathedral – even a month will not be enough to see at least a small fraction of the Ukrainian beauty.

However, as in any country, there are certain rules that you should know well in advance in order to have an easy and hassle-free trip.

Collecting Your Documents

Documents for travelling to Ukraine

To travel to Ukraine on your own wheels, you will need to prepare a certain package of documents:

    Registration documents (vehicle certificate);

It is also important to know that if you decide to take out a car insurance policy, you will need a passport, a driver’s license and a car registration certificate.

And among the unnecessary to travel to Ukraine are PTS, medical certificate, tinting certificate, CO/SH and environmental coupon.

Requirements for the car and luggage

Requirements for a Car and Luggage

To enjoy the interesting places of Ukraine in your car, you will not need to pay duties or taxes, unless travelers plan to spend more than a year in the country. Except that at the Russian customs they may be asked to fill in the information in the exit declaration.

If the trip is planned for 2 months, then the car will have to be registered.

One can not have with them more than the amount of food necessary for a snack on the road. That is, their amount should not look like commercial cargo for sale.

For any kind of weapon, including the electric shocker, you will need the appropriate permission from both the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and Ukraine.

There are no limitations for photo, video, electronic gadgets, but the total value of the imported goods must not exceed 500 euros. If the traveler is sure that the value will be exceeded, you should be ready to pay VAT and 10% of the amount of imported goods.

Strict prohibition due to the political situation between the countries applies only to any items with Russian symbols.

Requirements for travelers

Requirement for travelers to Ukraine

Each visitor to Ukraine will have to prove his or her ability to pay based on the mandatory limit of UAH 837 per day of stay in the country, but the total amount must be at least UAH 5,024 per traveler, even for a one-day trip.

This amount can be either in cash or in a bank account, and both conditions can be met to increase the chances of unobstructed travel.

In addition, you can present documents for a hotel reservation or a trip to a rest home (sanatorium) to confirm your presence in the country within a clearly defined period, not exceeding the limits allowed by law.

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If you travel with children, they must have identity documents or be added to their parents’ passports. If a child is taken on a trip without parents they must provide notarised consent for the trip.

The Russian Highway Code Specifics

Road traffic regulations in Ukraine

Every motorist should always have the following documents with them: car registration, license, policy or Green Card, power of attorney for driving someone else’s car, and a passport.

A police officer may stop your car for a document check in the same cases as in Russia:

If the encounter with the inspector occurred in the dark time of day, he must stop the car in a lighted place. Otherwise, the police car must have its lights and flashing beacon on, and the inspector himself must be wearing a reflective vest. In addition, the officer must not stop more than one vehicle at a time. The driver is not required to get out of his or her car to present documents.

When encountering police cars with their beacons on, you should be aware of the following rules:

    if such a car is standing on the side of the road, you should stop in front of it and move further only with the permission of a police officer;

Overtaking is when you overtake another car that is accompanied by an exit into the oncoming traffic lane. Overtaking is prohibited in the following cases:

Stopping a car in Ukraine is prohibited 10 meters before a crosswalk and 30 meters before a stop of public transport. But there are no requirements for daytime running lights outside built-up areas, as well as compulsory availability of child safety seats.

The requirements to the technical condition of the car, which divide the faults into permissible and prohibiting the further movement, coincide as well. The latter include:

    The presence of tinting on the windshield and front side windows, which reduces the transmission of light.

In the context of road signs, it may be noted that a single “STOP” sign is only called to slow down in front of the stop line or just before the sign. Giving way to the crossing of the roadway cars will only have to when the sign “STOP” is preceded by a sign “Make way”. There is also a sign that is not familiar to Russian motorists “Pothole”.

Violations, fines and police reports

Violations, Fines and Police protocols in Ukraine

The penalties in Ukraine vary from 8 to 17 hryvnias, if not creating an emergency situation:

    Speeding exceeding by 20 km/h or more;

The inspector draws up a protocol about the violation and sends it to the court, the fines are never collected at the place of the stop. If the offense does not entail special measures in the form of removal of license plates or sending the car to a impound lot, the driver is not detained.

Scammers on the roads

Scammers on Ukrainian roads

On any road in any country you can come across crooks posing as police officers, as well as real but dishonest police officers.

Ukraine is no exception, so if a car is stopped on the road a law enforcement officer is obliged to introduce himself. The driver has a right to ask for his license, and in order not to get caught by a fake one can look at the photo of the real document in the Internet beforehand and compare it with the one presented by the officer.

You should also see a photo of the Ukrainian police officers in advance, so that at a real meeting you can see the presence or absence of the police chevron and the badge. Also the police car must look nice and have blue license plates, yellow and blue stripes, and a distinctive “chandelier” on the roof.

In addition, specialized portals offer detailed descriptions of real and fake IDs with an explanation of the differences, important nuances that travelers need to pay attention to.

Even despite the political collisions, travelers are welcome in Ukraine. If you familiarize yourself with the list of requirements in advance, prepare a full package of documents, check the car for compliance and take care of your financial well-being, there will be no problems at the border, and your vacation will be interesting and unforgettable.

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