When and how to change rear brake discs in a VW Passat B5

How to Change a Rear Brake Disc on a Passat B5

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Today we are going to tell you about the repair and replacement of brake pads and discs in Volkswagen Passat B5. If you have them broken and it is necessary to replace them, then our video tip is sure to come in handy. What challenges await when removing them?

How to remove brake pads and discs VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5

How to replace and remove the brake pads and discs in VW Passat B5

If you have decided with your own hands to repair the brake pads and discs in the car VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5, it is better to do it this way:

  • To replace the brake discs on VW Passat B5 lift the car and remove the wheels.
  • This will open access to the brake caliper, which must also be removed.
  • Next, you can remove the brake pads and replace them.
  • Then you can replace the Passat B5 brake disc.

To understand the replacement and repair process, watch our video tutorial to perform your own brake pad and disc repair in a VW Passat B5.

Replacing pads and discs on VW Passat B6 and CC when they are worn, requires connecting a computer with a diagnostic program. In the absence of such a possibility, you can do without a special program, how to do it by regulation and bypass, we will tell in this article.

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The same replacement of rear brake shoes and discs is done for VW PASSAT CC – from 2009; VW PASSAT – from 2006.

Regulation on brake mechanisms wear checking: According to ELSA program permissible minimal thickness of a pad is 2 mm (without taking into account thickness of the bearing plate), i.e. if the thickness of friction lining of the pad itself is 2 mm and less, urgent replacement of brake pads is required. The permissible thickness of the disc from the nominal value – 2 mm, ie, if the nominal thickness of the brake disc is 22 mm, and when worn it is 20 mm or less, you need urgent replacement of brake discs.

Reason for replacing discs and pads: wear of the listed items.

Before replacing the rear pads, it is necessary to unseat the electric calipers, for this it is best to use a diagnostic program. If this is not possible, you can apply voltage to the caliper directly. It will depend on the polarity in which direction the pistons of the electric actuators will move. Before such actions, be sure to install any insert in the caliper, as it is easy to squeeze the piston from the caliper, which is not very good. Just dilute the rear brake pads can be using VCDS, how to do it is written in this manual.

We will use the diagnostic program and the order of replacement in accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations.

Procedure for replacing the rear brake discs and pads Passat B6

  • A list of necessary spare parts can be found here .
  • List of necessary tools here .
  • The cost of work to replace the brake discs and pads.

Order of work:

    Use the program to dilute the pads.

Procedure when replacing the brake pads with VCDS (Vasya):

Разводим суппорта: Блок 53 «Ручного тормоза»-> 04 Базовые настройки-> Выбираем группу 007-> Click Next/Run.

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После выполнения вышеописанных работ сводим суппорта: Блок 53 «Ручного тормоза»-> 04 Базовые настройки-> Выбираем группу 006-> Click Next/Run.

Следующим шагом Адаптация ручного тормоза: Блок 53 «Ручного тормоза»-> 04 Базовые настройки-> Выбираем группу 010-> Click Next/Run.

Parts list:

1 – pads, caliper mounting bolts, brake pad plates are included. 2 – are changed according to the regulations, but it is not necessary.

Analogues of spare parts (the given parts are in original):

1 – complete with pads, caliper mounting bolts, brake pad plates. Prices are given in 2017.

When and how to change the brake discs VW Passat B5

When and how to change the brake discs VW Passat B5

Brake discs of such a German car as Passat B5, however, as well as any other car, should be changed when it reaches the limit of wear or when a defect appears in at least one disc brakes, both front and rear axle. In this case, as for the specific parameters of disc wear, their values, usually manufacturers indicate directly on their surfaces.

Brake discs VW Passat B5

Concerning the information about wear limit of disks of brakes Passat B5, from our brothers on motor-community you can hear everything, beginning from a range of 50 – 100 thousand and finishing that these products are necessary to change at achievement of 2mm of their wear.

We, without any cunning open the dealer application, namely ELSA on after-sales service of VGA cars, find the corresponding section and read:

Front Brake Discs:

  • type – these are ventilated products;
  • diameter – 312 mm;
  • original thickness – 25 mm;
  • wear limit – 22mm, if one of the discs reaches this size – replace both.

Brake discs rear:

  • Can be either 16 in. or 286 mm diameter;
  • and 17 inches and respectively have a diameter of 310 mm;
  • the initial thickness of the 16-inch disc is 12 mm;
  • and the initial thickness of the 17-inch is 22 mm;
  • wear limit of the former is 10 mm, and the latter is 20 mm. If extreme wear is found on one of the discs, both discs must be replaced.”
Presentation of the Volkswagen Polo euro version

How do I check the current thickness and condition of my brake discs?

There are two ways to check the wear – this is by means of indirect signs and the second is by measuring the thickness of the product used

Indirect signs of brake disc wear are:

  • The appearance of sagging when the brake pedal is depressed. Although the cause of this phenomenon can also be a problem associated with the wear of the pads, the appearance of leaks (failure of the cuff) in the brake cylinder, deficiency due to leakage of brake fluid. However, it is also necessary to check the thickness of the discs, just in case;
  • The appearance of vibration or jerking during braking. Such symptoms may indicate uneven wear of the braking surface, and the same uneven wear of the pads;
  • Wheezing during braking – again, this may be the cause of wear of both the product surface and the pads;
  • grinding and whistling when braking – this is the first thing that indicates the wear of the pads down to their metal base, when the rubbing of metal pads against metal begins with the inevitable damage to the surfaces.

Thus, if any of the above defects appear, you should immediately carry out diagnostic procedures of the braking system of the object of our attention, namely the Passat B5, paying special attention to the wear of the brake surface.

In this case, to substantiate a preliminary version of the likely imminent failure of the brakes, service diagnosticians recommend assessing their condition using the tabular methodology for assessing the condition of the elements of the braking system.

Symptoms Pads sticking to discs Skidding during braking Brakes whistling and squealing Steering wheel wobble Jerking
What should I do?
Replace brake pads да да да no no
Check the brake caliper, pistons and guides да да да да да
Check the thickness and condition of the discs да no да да да
Check pads no да no no no
Check hub bearings and steering and suspension mechanisms. no no no да да
Check both tires and wheel rims no no no да no
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Check disc thickness.

Important: Brake pad wear and tear generates dust that contains toxic asbestos. Incidentally, it can cause cancer. Therefore, cleaning the brake units before inspecting them, do not use compressed air, and preferably do the cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, and in a respirator, while avoiding inhalation of dust.

As for the step-by-step manipulation in the process of checking the thickness of the brake elements, following the rules of safety, it is necessary to:

  • put the car on the handbrake, as well as put under the opposite wheel raised with a jack special stands;

Brake discs VW Passat B5

  • remove the wheel and clean the hub and brake caliper;
  • to ensure correct measurement of the thickness of the brake element, you should screw in its hole with the presence of a washer;

Brake discs VW Passat B5

  • The disc should be inspected for defects by turning it. Especially for cracks in the holes fixing the disc to the hub;
  • in the places where there are impressions of the pads measure the wear. At the same time the current thickness is measured in different points;
  • a special indicator is used to check the run-out of the hub at a distance of 10 millimeters from the edge of the brake element;
  • if the disc is extremely worn, as detected by the measurements, as well as if defects and scratches with depths of more than half a millimeter are found on it, it must be replaced. A second disc should also be replaced to ensure the brakes are applied evenly on the vehicle’s axle. For the same reason, the brake pads must also be replaced along with these products.

Brake discs VW Passat B5

The top best brake products according to Passat B5 users

Recently, one of the think tanks on the market of brake consumables was given statistics on the preferences of Passat B5 users. The largest number of owners of this German car (namely, about 10 percent), expressed the opinion that the best manufacturer of products for brakes is FENOX.

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The second place in the demand for parts for braking systems belongs to Brembo. So say a little less than 9 percent of Passat B5 owners.

And the third place is occupied by the brake products of such manufacturer as ATE. About 5 percent of Passatologists are sure in this.

As for the overall, the top 9 manufacturers were rated this way:

As a summary.

Guaranteed to keep cars safe, are original and expensive consumables. Therefore, there is no need to stop your choice on the cheap and low quality products, which can let you down at the most inopportune moment.

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