Where BMW cars are made

Where cars of BMW brand are produced

This German concern is known to everyone. Cars of this brand are not in vain considered a sign of luxury, a manifestation of high status and excellent taste of its owner. Each model is premium, beautiful, original and stylish. All novelties that are presented on behalf of the German concern cause a furor and become an example to follow. But is it really true that for all BMW cars the producer is Germany? With this we have to further sort out.

Where BMW cars are manufactured

The company’s production facilities are located in different countries. Of course, the largest, most powerful and main production facility is located in Germany. All the main production processes are carried out here. In second place could be put the American plant. Next would be the facilities located in other countries. This includes Thailand and Egypt, India and Russia, Africa (South Africa) and Malaysia. Therefore, it is impossible to say for sure in which city a BMW is produced.

In these States, a small number of components are manufactured and some models are assembled. Most of the parts are made in Germany. There are also a number of components produced in other plants, which are not related to BMW. For example, the rear lights are made in Italy. The wheels are supplied from Sweden.

Assembly location of different models

Where different models of BMWs are assembled is a question that will be dealt with below. We will have to study each brand released by the German concern.

  1. BMW X1 began to be assembled back in 2009. The birthplace of this car was the German city of Leipzig.
  2. The car BMW 3 Series for Russia is also assembled here in Kaliningrad. Also the production is set up in the U.S. (South Carolina, Greer). This is a second-generation crossover, its assembly began in 2010 after production was phased out X3 body E83.
  3. Production of the BMW 3 series was launched in 2012. This process was set up in Munich, Germany.
  4. The BMW X5 model is assembled again in the United States and again in South Carolina, but in this case it is the city of Spartanberg. These cars are not only supplied to the national market, but are also exported to Europe. America saw the car in 1999, and Europeans had to wait another year.

Models of Russian assembly

Russians love these German cars, so demand for them is high and constant. Therefore, the concern considered it necessary to launch the assembly of BMW in Russia, which made the cars more accessible to Russian drivers. BMW production in Russia is organized in Kaliningrad (Avtotor plant). This company specializes in small-knot assembly.

Now it’s time to find out which BMW models are assembled in Russia at the Kaliningrad plant. This list will consist practically of all the models that make up the company’s lineup. This includes the 3-Series, 5 and 7, also includes the Russian X3 and X5, X1 and X6.

Not all modifications of the above models are established in Russia. Moreover, in some cases there is the assembly of complete cars. This includes the BMW 520d and 520i, 528 X-drive and some other variants.

BMW 520d

Peculiarities of Russian assembly

BMW cars are different from foreign models. This fact is explained by the changes to which these cars have been subjected. Due to the upgrades, cars began to meet the climatic conditions and peculiarities of operation. The differences are as follows:

  • Shock absorbers and stabilizers have increased reliability and stiffness, allowing to withstand the realities of Russian roads;
  • Electronics is designed to operate at low temperatures;
  • high ground clearance.

Cars from Germany are characterized by rich assembly and a large number of possible modifications, but Russian BMWs are more suitable for driving in Russia. The models produced by the Kaliningrad plant turn out to be more reliable and durable for the Russian user.

What is the difference between the assembly of BMW cars in Russia and the German one?

All BMW cars symbolize prestige, luxury and high quality. Today many people dream of owning one and almost everyone has a chance – there are examples of different model years available at the secondary market. Of course, the quality of many cars that are presented there leave much to be desired, but you can acquire the status of a BMW owner. Today, BMW cars are also assembled in Russia. Many people are curious about what models they are talking about and where the production sites are located.

How assembly of BMW cars in Russia is different from German car assembly

The production sites of the BMW brand are scattered around the world. The main plant is located in Germany. The second place is occupied by the company in the U.S.. In addition, BMW cars are produced in Thailand, Egypt, India, Russia, Malaysia and South Africa. Only some of the elements of the future vehicles are made in these countries. All components are delivered from Germany.

Assembly in Russia . In our market cars of this brand are in high demand. The company’s management has taken this fact into account and has decided to set up production in Russia. The assembly of cars now takes place in Kaliningrad, at the plant “Avtotor”. At this site they assemble almost all the cars of the brand which are presented in our country. Among them are 3-Series, 5-Series, 7-Series, X3, X5, X1, X6. However, not all modifications of models leave the conveyors.

How is the assembly of BMW cars in Russia different from German 3

Munich. The main plant of BMW is located in Germany, namely, in Munich. The company is a multi-storey building in the form of four cylinders, which are connected with each other. The large emblem of the brand is located on the roof. There is a museum in the factory, which one can visit for free. The entire site covers several hundred hectares. The factory has several workshops, including painting, welding, assembly and pressing. In addition, there is a test track, a heating track and even a restaurant. In total, the company employs about 6 700 people. Every year, up to 170,000 cars roll off the assembly lines.

The difference between BMW cars assembly in Russia and German assembly 4

The initial stage of assembly takes place in the pressing shop. It is 100% automated, so there are no employees. After that, the parts are sent for welding. In a short period of time, they are joined together to form the body of the future car. After that, the primer and paint are applied. At the next stage, the car receives nodes and units, suspension and steering mechanism. Only after that do specialists install the electronics and assemble the interior. It takes 32 hours to produce one car.

The difference between BMW cars assembly in Russia and German 5

Differences in assembly . Cars that are assembled in Russia and Germany differ from each other. For example, the domestic assembly uses more sturdy shock absorbers, as this is required by the operating conditions. All of the electronics in Russia are designed to function at low temperatures. In addition, the ground clearance of the cars is slightly higher than in Germany. The main difference, however, is that Russia is already receiving prefabricated units that remain to be installed in the body. In Germany, the entire assembly process involves the installation of individual parts.

What is the difference between BMW cars assembly in Russia and German assembly 6

Bottom line . There is a facility in Russia where BMW cars are assembled. The assembly procedure is different from that used in Germany.

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