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Chery automobile manufacturer emerged in 1997, in the city of Wuhu. Few people know that at the beginning of its development the company was a state-owned enterprise, specializing in the production of engines for cars. In 2001, the company presented its first car, which was identical to the Seat Toledo by its technical indicators. During the next two years, the company’s management has been negotiating about obtaining a license for the production of cars based on the SEAT model range. The first model was called Amulet. The company then receives a large order for cars from the government, which are then used as cabs. After receiving the license from SEAT, the company produces Amulet with sedan and liftback body. The interior of the car does not change. These models are selling quite fast in CIS. In 2003, the company introduced its new model called the QQ. Externally and internally, this car was similar to the Daewoo Matiz. People call the model “sweet” and it becomes popular. In 2005, at the automobile show in Shanghai, the concern presents its concept truck “S16”. Design of the car body is created by Italians. Then comes the model Jaggi, which is equipped with both 1.1 liter and 1.3 liter engine. The retail price of the car is at 10 thousand U.S. dollars. In 2008, the QQ is updated. It receives a signature design from the studio at Bertone. Then sales of the new Eastar model start, which the company almost copied from Daewoo Magnus. After modifications and a number of improvements, there is an upgraded version – the B11 Eastar, which clearly demonstrated that China can also create expensive premium cars. Then comes the company’s first SUV – the Tiggo, which externally is painfully reminiscent of the Toyota RAV4. This model was very popular because of its cheapness. When the Tiggo appeared, Chery has already been able to sell more than 500,000 copies of cars. The company had about 400 branches around the world. Among Chinese car manufacturers, Chery at that time ranked third, it was achieved in a record time of 5 years. At the end of 2008 the company already produces 400 thousand cars a year, it actively creates new testing units and builds new workshops. 2007: the company produces its own serial turbo engines for its cars. The power of the new engines reaches 170 horsepower. In the same year the company presents a new model, the A6 Coupe, which goes into series production the following year. The company picks up production momentum and demonstrates a new minivan, the Riich 2. It consumed little fuel and had improved safety. The new models are shown at the Shanghai exhibition, where the first model – Fengyn II Coupe was shown to the public. It was assembled on the chassis of the Amulet. Chery during the year presents a whole range of new cars – S12 and A18, the latter was a cargo and passenger station wagon. It is also based on the Amulet. In 2007 in the Russian capital the company held a presentation of a new sedan – B21, which then went into mass production. The creators emphasized on the reliability of the new car due to the installation of new longitudinal members. The company with the release of this model wanted to change the attitude of domestic buyers to cars from the country of the rising sun.

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It is in 2007 that the company presents the largest number of production cars and their prototypes. 2008: Production of the new B22 model starts. Then, in 2010, an upgraded version of the B23 is released. The B22 was presented in a hatchback body, and the B23 in a coupe. Cars have received quite elegant features thanks to the efforts of professionals from the design company Bertone. In 2009, the company released a new model Chery A13, which is the ideological successor to the outdated Amulet. The cars from Chery are not very popular in the European and American markets, because they are not at all perceived in the West. Because of its low cost in the CIS territory they are very popular, and despite the existing shortcomings in some models the demand for them is not falling.

Where are produced Chery cars

It is not necessary to be prejudiced against the Chinese goods, in particular cars. Not all manufacturers are trying all possible ways to make the production process of their products cheaper and save on all possible stages and components. Take, for example, Chery cars, which are manufactured in China. These cars have proven their worth and have won the hearts of millions of users from many countries and continents.

Chery cars are distributed in many countries, including the states of the former Soviet Union. Russian user loves Chery cars, but many facts about them remain unknown, such as the country of manufacture, the peculiarities of the production cycle and other things. We set out to sort this out, for which we have studied in detail all the facts that relate to Chery cars. The production of Chery cars belongs to the company Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. The date of its founding falls on 1997. This company is Chinese, it was founded in Anhui province, namely, in the city of Wuhu. The specialization of this manufacturer includes manufacturing and assembly of not only cars, but many of the components for the automotive equipment.

  • The company’s development is rapid, it is rapidly conquering more and more countries and constantly introduces its products to new sectors of the automotive industry. If in 2005 the size of its assets was equal to 1.5 billion dollars, and the company worked for 13 thousand people, then after only two years, the staff has grown to 25 thousand people, and the size of assets has already totaled 3.5 billion dollars. Achievements of this Chinese automaker Chery are impressive. He managed to reach a high level, the following facts can testify to this:
  • A 15-year history that is full of achievements, records and victories;
  • production capacity is within 900 thousand units;
  • Chery machines are assembled at 18 factories, 4 of which are located in China, and 14 facilities are located in other countries;
  • cooperation with other companies, in particular with Jaguar Land Rover and Qoros;
  • the staff consists of 30,000 people, of which 6,000 are engineers, and 150 people are foreign experts;
  • for 13 years the company, which produces Chery cars, ranks first among Chinese car exporters;
  • Chery plants are equipped with modern full-cycle production lines;
  • The company owns design and research centers that work on the development of many components for existing and future models;
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Where do Chery cars are produced?

The largest Asian test center belongs exactly to Chery (producing country – China), its area is equal to 300 thousand square meters.

  1. Impressive, isn’t it? But it is not all. We thought you might be interested to know about some of the models which are leaders on the Russian market.
  2. At one time, since 2005, the Chery Tiggo was very popular, and even now it still has many fans. It strongly resembles the Japanese crossover Toyota RAV4 in the second generation, except for its “face”, on which the Chinese experts have seriously worked. The popularity of this car grew rapidly, not only at the level of the national market. “Chery Tiggo” has conquered motorists in Asia, hot Africa, South America, Italy (here the car was known as DR 5), and, of course, Russia. Initially, Chery Tiggo was assembled in China. In the Russian market the crossover came from the Kaliningrad Avtotor. It was so until 2008. Already in 2007, production of this model shifted to the Taganrog automobile plant; even a separate brand – Vortex – was created. After the Chery Tiggo was produced in Cherkessk, at the plant “Derveys”. If Chery Tiggo is assembled in Russia, then where is Chery Amulet assembled?

No less interesting and popular is the car Chery Amulet, which is also produced by the Chinese manufacturer. This car is an updated version of the CEAT-Toledo. There is no reason to call it a pirated version. Its license status is faultless. After obtaining the rights to produce the Toledo, the company called its creation Windscloud. After modernization, the car got a new name – Flagcloud. It entered the Russian market in 2005 under the name “Amulet”. This car can be safely called a Russian car with Chinese roots. It is assembled in Kaliningrad, at “Avtotor”. Initially, the manufacturing process, as well as the assembly itself, was carried out in China. Then the Amulet was assembled in Egypt and Russia. There is also a Ukrainian assembly, but the car is called Vortex Corda. Also it has a 1.5 liter engine, a different gearbox and a different shape of the bumper.

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