Where do Toyota cars come from?

Where are Toyota cars assembled?

In Russia Toyota is one of the most popular car brands, while the automobile concern Toyota is rightly one of the world’s automotive giants and one of the leaders in sales of passenger cars worldwide as well. In our country Toyota cars are popular for one reason – most models are “purebred” Japanese, and are not assembled in Russia, although the situation tends to be the opposite.

Toyota factories.

In order to make it easier for us to further understand where Toyota cars are assembled, let’s first look at all the companies closely associated with the brand, and the plants from which cars of this brand can be shipped to Russia, and there are not many of these plants.

  • Toyota Motor RUS is the company that officially represents the Toyota brand in Russia, selling almost all models in our country assembled anywhere.
  • Toyota plant in Shushary (St. Petersburg) is the first Toyota assembly line in our country, built in 2005, and in 2007 released the first car out of its walls. Employees of the plant – and there are almost 2 thousand of them – regularly undergo training at the original Toyota company – plants in Japan, and the quality of production is very strictly controlled here. The company assembles, paints and welds the body parts of Toyota cars, producing a total of 35,685 vehicles in 2013.

Also supplied to Russia are Toyota models assembled at the following plants:

  • Tahara plant in Japan.
  • Burnaston plant in England
  • Factory in Valenciennes, France.
  • The Sakarya plant in Turkey.

So where are specific models of Toyota vehicles assembled?

Where is Toyota Corolla assembled?

Until recently, this best-selling model in our country was assembled exclusively in Japan – at the Takaoka plant. However, everything changed with the arrival of the Corolla 11 generation in mid-2013, when the model for Russia began to be assembled in the city of Sakarya in Turkey and delivered to Russia through the city of Novorossiysk. So, today you can buy a new Toyota Corolla, assembled exclusively in Turkey, and with mileage – assembled only in Japan.

As for the quality of assembly, then in general, according to the reviews, it almost did not suffer – the Turkish factory before the start of the assembly was somewhat improved in equipment, there has been increased staff and injected additional investment.

However, the assembly of Toyota cars in Turkey – it is rather a well forgotten old, rather than new – in the period from 1994 to 2006 were already produced here “Corolla” for Russia, as well as a number of other countries.

Where is the Toyota Camry assembled?

Up until the end of 2007, Toyota Camry cars were also assembled in Japan at the Tsutsumi plant, but that all changed in December 2007, when the first locally assembled car of the model came off the assembly line at the Shushary plant in Russia. Since then, all the Camrys have been produced at this plant.

Where is the Toyota RAV4 assembled?

The most popular crossover brand is just that “purebred” Japanese Toyota – to date, the Toyota RAV4 for Russia is assembled exclusively in Japan at the Tahara and Takaoka plants. However, by 2016 the situation may change, as Toyota plans to organize the assembly of Toyota RAV4 in St. Petersburg plant in Russia – it will happen according to the plans of the automobile concern not earlier than 2016.

Where is the Toyota Highlander assembled?

Another crossover, which is somewhat higher class model RAV4 and is in the lineup of Toyota between the RAV4 and Prado, is different in that its production is not set up for sales in Japan, where the brand itself is from. Predominantly Toyota Highlander is sold in the U.S., where it belongs to the class of medium-sized SUVs.

Russia is supplied with Highlander models assembled in the U.S. and somewhat adapted to Russian driving conditions.

Where is the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado/100/200 assembled?

The most interesting Toyota models of interest to fans of large SUVs are also manufactured exclusively in Japan and are thus considered “purebred” Japanese brand. All three models are assembled at the Tahara plant (the same place where the RAV4 is assembled).

Where is the Toyota Avensis assembled?

The Avensis is the model, which, despite its belonging to the Japanese brand, is not assembled in Japan and is not intended for the Japanese market at all. In Russia the Avensis are assembled in England at the Burnaston plant.

Where is Toyota Auris assembled?

One of Toyota’s best-selling models and one of the best-selling hatchbacks in the world, the Toyota Auris is assembled, like the Avensis, at the same Burnaston plant in England. Nevertheless, the previous versions of Auris were supplied to Russia from Japan (Takaoka plant) and therefore, buying Toyota Auris car with a run, you can find a “purebred” Japanese.

Where is Toyota Corolla Verso assembled?

The same as its younger brother, Toyota Corolla, Verso is assembled in the same Turkey.

Where do they assemble Toyota Yaris?

The most compact model of Toyota, Yaris, known in its native Japanese market as the Toyota Vitz, is assembled for the Russian market at the Valenciennes plant in France.

Where is Toyota Hilux assembled?

But the pickup truck Hilux Japanese manufacturer – a real exclusive on the assembly countries for our country – to date, Toyota Hilux is assembled for Russia in South Africa and Thailand (for other countries and still in Indonesia and Argentina).

Where is Toyota FJ Cruiser assembled?

A crossover with an unusual design, the Toyota FJ Cruiser is a true Japanese – the model for Russia is assembled only in Japan.

Where is Toyota Prius assembled?

The legendary model of Toyota, primarily due to the production of its hybrid version, which each year is gaining in popularity in our country (along with the rising cost of gasoline), Toyota Prius, is also “purebred” Japanese, and is produced at the plant Tsutsumi in Japan.

Where is the Toyota Venza assembled?

The Toyota Venza is Toyota’s less popular crossover in our country, which, just like the Highlander, is assembled at a plant in the United States.

Concern Toyota has a huge number of factories where numerous models of the brand are assembled, the most famous and voluminous of which are in China, the Emirates, Australia, South American countries, however, in Russia cars assembled at such plants are not delivered.

Meanwhile, information about where the Toyota model that belongs to you or which you want to buy can be given by deciphering the VIN code of this model. For this purpose, study how to decipher the VIN code.

Where Toyota cars are based

Toyota cars today are familiar not only to every motorist, but also to every child. The world’s largest Japanese automobile corporation with a rich and already almost century-old history, which began with the production of looms, has grown to unprecedented proportions.

Where Toyota cars are produced

The country of Toyota car manufacturer is Japan, but the production is based not only in the homeland, the steady growth of the company’s scale has necessitated the creation of factories around the world, where cars for different markets are produced under the brand “Toyota”.

The creation of Toyota Motors Corporation is officially dated August 28, 1937. Before that time, since 1933, the line for the production of cars with a gasoline engine was part of the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, specializing in the creation of looms. Corporation founder, Kiichiro Toyoda, having studied the automotive industry in the United States and Europe, conceived the idea of automobile production and thanks to his father’s support was able to successfully implement it. Despite the post-war crisis, the company still managed to stay afloat and blossom with renewed vigor, steadily increasing production rates year by year. Toyota Motors suffered losses only in 2009, but since the next year the situation has improved.

“Toyota is one of the world’s 10 largest corporations, and the scope of the company’s activities is not limited to the automobile industry, although it is the main direction, the business is also tied to other areas, providing financial services and so on. The brand for more than a decade is invariably associated precisely with cars, in the range of which almost every model is a hit. The subsidiaries also play an important role in the development of Toyota Motors. Millions of cars of all classes and types roll off the assembly lines under the Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu, Scion and Hino brand every year.

Toyota cars production

The main production facilities of the corporation are located in Japan, but with the growth of sales outside of the homeland, the auto giant has significantly expanded the field of activity. Large plants are located in Thailand, Indonesia, as well as other Asian countries, Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Russia receives Toyota cars assembled in factories in Japan, Britain, Turkey and France, but some models are also assembled in Russia. Wherever the brand cars are made, the requirements for quality are the same.

Where to assemble Toyota Corolla cars

The famous car model, the record holder in the number of sales worldwide and the flagship of the automobile concern, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016. During its history, the Corolla has undergone many transformations, never changing its name. Today, the 12th generation of the legend is already on the assembly line.

Toyota Corolla

The motorists are always demanding about the cars reliability, and not the last thing they are interested in is where Toyota Corolla is produced. Due to the huge popularity of the model its production is carried out in different countries. Thus, up to the mid-90s cars of different modifications of the European market were supplied from the Japanese plants Takaoka and Tsutsumi, for the American consumer production is based in the U.S..

Since 1994, the corporation got an assembly plant in England and Turkey, so until 2006, the Russian car market, as well as the CIS countries were supplied with cars assembled in Turkey. With the increase in volumes also opened plants in Asia, South America, Canada and Africa, which also assembled the Corolla.

The 10th generation cars, including the restyled version, were assembled for Russia only in Japan, while the automaker was closely involved in modernizing the assembly line in Sakarya (Turkey). The quality of Turkish assembly was not the best compared to Japanese, and the automaker, which had produced millions of copies of the legendary model, could not allow the performance to deteriorate. After bringing the production capacity to an appropriate level, the Turkish plant has been producing the 11th generation Corolla since 2013.

Where the Toyota Camry is assembled

Another iconic car of the Japanese automobile concern, which is already in its eighth generation. Toyota Camry, the owner of an impressive number of awards and prizes is in great demand worldwide, and the model is in demand among Russians. The main assembly line is located in Japan, but manufactured Camry also in Russia, Australia, China and the United States. In Russia in 2007, the production process was launched in Shushary near St. Petersburg, where this model is still being assembled. Since 2011, due to an increase in demand and the inability to meet it with the number of locally made cars, the company has also been arranging supplies of cars from Japan.

The corporation’s management is strictly controlling the manufacturing of cars at all stages of production. Plants are equipped with modern equipment and use the same high quality components as for domestic assembly, so Russian assembly also meets the quality standards. The difference between the Toyota Camry of Japanese and domestic production is the installed tires (Japanese – Yokohama, ours – Michelin) and paint coating, which is more durable in Japanese instances.

Toyota Camry

Where is Toyota Rav-4 assembled?

Compact crossover produced in Japan since 1994, at the start is the fifth generation of the famous model. The car is in great demand among motorists around the world, including our compatriots. Assembly of Toyota Rav-4 for the consumer from Europe is carried out at the Japanese plants Tahara and Takaoka, and since 2016 established production and the domestic plant in Shushary, aimed not only at the market of Russia, but also Kazakhstan and Belarus. For North America, the cars are made in Canada (Ontario).

Toyota Rav-4

Where to assemble the car Toyota Highlander

Another crossover from the Japanese car giant, but already a class above the Rav-4. This model is not intended for sale within Japan, it is focused on the U.S. consumer. Produced medium-sized SUV Toyota Highlander for Americans in Japanese companies, as well as in China. In Russia, the cars are delivered from the U.S., where they are assembled in Princeton, Indiana. Russian modification, adapted to our operating conditions, depending on the configuration differs from the U.S. version of the interior variations, the number of seats (in the luxury version of the Highlander for Russia seven-seat interior), electronic equipment and additional systems. Unlike the American, our crossover has no automatic braking option, DVD for rear seat passengers and Internet access.

Toyota Highlander

Where Toyota Land Cruiser Prado/100/200 is assembled

Real off-road vehicles, representing the pride of the automaker and packed with all sorts of “pluses” to overcome the off-road could not fail to please Russian motorists. All three models of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado/100/200 come from Japan (they are made at the Tahara plant) for sale within the country and abroad. It is noteworthy that the same assembly line produces vehicles with right-hand and left-hand steering.

Since 2013, the Land Cruiser Prado for the Russian market was stamped at the plant in Vladivostok, but in 2015 the work was stopped. On the conveyors, where the car comes from, quality control is strengthened, so any objective differences between the Japanese and our assembly was not noticed.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Where Toyota Hilux is assembled

The famous midsize pickup, the first mass-produced car on which a man reached the magnetic North Pole, is available in the eighth generation. Simplicity and reliability of design have provided the model Toyota Hilux worldwide popularity. The car in Russia appeared in 2010; assembly is carried out in South Africa and Thailand; in a number of other countries – in Indonesia and Argentina.

Toyota Hilux

Where to assemble cars Toyota Venza

All-wheel drive crossover, since 2008 presented in the North American market, and since 2013 on the Russian market. Not very popular with the domestic consumer car, despite all its love for Toyota. The Venza model was created in the United States, from where it came to Russia, in the Russian version of the car was distinguished from its relative by the adjustment of the suspension, external elements and interior decorations. In 2015, the Toyota Venza was removed from production in the U.S., and in early 2016 it also left the Russian expanse. Now the model is available in Canada and China.

Toyota Venza

Where the Toyota Avensis is assembled

Toyota Avensis car was created for the market of European countries and is not produced in Japan. Delivered to Russia, the model from the factory Burnaston, which is located in the UK. It is here that almost the entire cycle of the creation of the car takes place, and the engines for them are produced at the plant in North Wales.

From the same factory come representatives of the latest version of the Auris model, previously supplied to Russia from Japan.

Toyota Avensis

Where do they assemble the Toyota Fortuner?

The middle-size SUV made on the basis of the Hilux pickup appeared in Russia not long ago, and taking into account the wide production geography of Toyota vehicles, Russians have a natural question, where does Toyota Fortuner come from? Japan, Europe, North America, China and Australia do not offer this model. Initially off-road Toyota Fortuner, also referred to as Toyota SW4, was assembled in Thailand, it is intended for the local market, and later began introducing it also in Indonesia and a number of other countries. From Thailand and the car came to Russia. Since 2014, production was rolled out in the city of Kostanay Kazakhstan, but then the production had to stop.

Toyota Fortuner

Where to assemble the car Toyota C-HR

The novelty of the Russian market – a crossover Toyota C-HR with an extraordinary appearance, peculiar to Nissan “beetles” has already begun its march on the roads of the Russian Federation. The parkette has successfully launched in Europe and at home where there are long lines for it. The car is assembled in Japan, and in Russia the C-HR is assembled in Turkey (at a plant in Sakarya where the Corolla and Verso are assembled).

Toyota C-HR

What Toyota models are assembled in Russia

In Russia, Toyota is represented by two divisions: Toyota Motor RUS, which is the official representative office of the brand that sells cars of any assembly, and the Toyota plant in Shushary (St. Petersburg), which specializes in the production part. The assembly line was founded in 2005, and already since 2007, it has been stamping Toyota Camry models for sales within the country, and now abroad to Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Since 2016, after the completion of new workshops at the plant launched production of the no less famous RAV-4. Toyota car production in Russia is at a decent level, and there will be no significant differences in assembly, as the company monitors production to maintain the proper quality of its cars.

In 2013, Land Cruiser Prado began to roll off the assembly line in the Russian Far East, but two years later this idea was abandoned. The 2018 Toyota Prado still comes from Japan.

The success of the brand is made up of many factors, and although the company’s path to fame cannot be called thorny, it is still the fruit of much hard work. In many ways, the universal love of consumers from all over the world is the result of the automaker’s attentive attitude to the needs and priorities of motorists from different countries. Individual approach to the client always ensures high level of sales, and automobile business is no exception. Along with good quality and improving the models Toyota creates cars relevant in today’s reality, adapted to the conditions of specific regions, and careful control of production allows you to hold its position, despite the fact that many models are not “purebred Japanese”.

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