Where to complain about improper parking in the yard

Who to complain about improper parking in Moscow

Parking violations in Moscow can be processed by three departments at once – the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate, the Road Traffic Police Department and the Moscow Road Administration. Any citizen may report a violation. To do this, a special application “Moscow Assistant” operates in the capital. To use it, you need to have an account on the website mos.ru.

What violations can be complained about parking irregularities

The “Moscow Assistant” application allows filing a complaint about the following violations

  • for unpaid parking;
  • Unlawful parking in places, where parking and/ or stopping of vehicles are prohibited;
  • for parking on sidewalks, lawns, crosswalks, children’s and sports grounds.

If the complaint clearly records the license plate number and location of the offense, the person at fault will be held liable. Depending on the circumstances and the location of the parking irregularity, the complaint will be considered by employees of the Road Traffic Police, AMPP and MADI.

Where to complain about cab and carshare parking in the courtyard of a residential building

It is not forbidden for a cab or a carshare to park in the courtyard of a building, unless they violate the general rules of parking and stopping. The mere fact that they remain in the yard for an extended period of time is not a violation. Therefore, you can complain about cab and carshare parking only in the following cases:

  • If the car occupies a parking space, carpool space or garage space belonging to another person;
  • if a cab or carshare car is left for overnight parking in violation of Order No. 199 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation of 17.05.2018;
  • if the general prohibitions and restrictions of the traffic rules have been violated (for example, the car is left on the lawn, playground, etc.).

Separately, we note the requirements of Order No. 199 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. It prohibits the creation of parking lots in the common area of the MFB for cars owned by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, used for any type of transportation (cab, freight, carsharing). This order applies only to the territory of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Sevastopol. In other cities and regions there is no ban on cab and carsharing parking.

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It is difficult to prosecute for violation of Order No. 199 if the cab car is personally owned by a citizen who lives in an apartment building. If the car belongs to an organization or individual entrepreneur, it must be parked in a special parking lot. You can file a complaint about such violations in Moscow through the “Moscow Helper” app, or directly to the MADI or the traffic police.

How to make a complaint for parking rules violation

Moscow authorities introduced a system of incentives for citizens, who report violations via the “Moscow Assistant” app. For each confirmed fact of violation the applicant will receive 200 bonus points. They can be exchanged for prizes via the “Active Citizen” portal. Once 10,000 points are earned, they can be exchanged for 40 hours of free parking throughout Moscow.

To submit a complaint through the “Moscow Helper” app, you can do the following:

  • log in to the app with your login and password from your personal mos.ru account;
  • Press the red button with the camera icon, select the type of violation;
  • Wait for the application to switch to license plate recognition mode;
  • point the gadget screen at the license plate number, and wait for the photo to be taken;
  • Check that the application has correctly recognized the license plate number;
  • After the picture, the program will determine the location and address and record the time of the violation;
  • you need to take three photos of the car from different angles;
  • you can leave a comment with explanations and circumstances of the violation;
  • After completing all the procedures you need to send a complaint through the application.

The complaint processing period is up to 60 days. If the violation is confirmed and the guilty person is held responsible, you will receive 200 bonus points.

How to file a complaint about improper parking with the traffic police

The attitude to complaints about improper parking in Russia remains ambiguous, the opinions of car owners and citizens are polar. But today we will not argue about why the law should be the same for all, and simply will figure out what to do in a situation where you see a car parked in violation of traffic rules, and want to report it to the traffic police to bring the driver to justice.

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To report to the traffic police about improper parking, you need to record the fact of the violation of the rules of stopping or parking. This can be a photo or video of the violation – note that photos are preferable, as they will be easier and more convenient to work with. The photo should capture all the important factual information: a legible license plate number, the car itself, confirmation of the violation (road signs, several angles of the general plan, where you can see the situation, and so on), and ideally – the time when the photo was taken. However, you will still indicate the time and place of shooting in the text of the appeal.

Having recorded the violation, any citizen can apply to the traffic police and bring the violator to justice, providing the evidence. There are the following options for filing an appeal:

  • personal appeal;
  • by means of a registered letter;
  • Electronically through the website of the traffic police;
  • for residents of Moscow – electronically through the application “Moscow Helper”.

Let’s consider all methods of appeal in order.

For personal petition you need to find out the address of the nearest Traffic Police Department, where they accept petitions (you can do it here and visit it with photo or video of violation on the electronic media, which will be attached to the petition. Take into account that not all appeals can be accepted, and you will leave the carrier in the traffic police, so it is better to use a CD, not a flash card. In the text of the appeal will need to set out all the key information: personal data and information about the violation, including place, date, time and point of traffic rules, which in your opinion, was violated (in our case is usually 12.2 or 12.5). By the way, we told you about where it is forbidden to park in the detailed material.

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An alternative to a personal visit to the traffic police – sending an appeal by registered mail. It is necessary to send it to the management of the traffic police of the region, the address of which you can find out on the official website, selecting the desired region. The appeal sent by mail should also be accompanied by an electronic medium with supporting materials.

The easiest and most convenient option for filing an appeal is a special service on the official website of the traffic police. You can send your appeal here: first, read the terms, then confirm it at the bottom of the page, and then proceed to fill out the form. Here, it is important to consider several conditions. First of all, only the fields marked with an asterisk are required. Of personal data here, in addition to name and surname, there is an e-mail. In addition, it is proposed to specify a mailing address, but it should be understood that later the offender may be familiar with the materials, so if you do not want a possible personal meeting, the address is not worth it. In the text of the appeal, as in the case of a letter, it is necessary to set out all the basic data: place, time and essence of the violation. Photos should be attached using the appropriate buttons below. And, finally, remember that in the case of an administrative offence case you may be summoned to the traffic police for personal confirmation of information – otherwise the appeal may be denied. The appeal will be registered within three days, and will be considered within 30 days, but if necessary, the term of consideration may be prolonged for maximum 30 days. You will be informed of the results of the review by email.

Moscow residents have another opportunity to report parking irregularities: this is the “Moscow Assistant” app, available for Android and iOS smartphones. To file a complaint, you need to download the app and register on the official website of the mayor of Moscow . It is easy to report parking irregularities in the app: it provides an opportunity to immediately record the number of the car and the circumstances of the violation, add the text of the appeal and send it to the bodies that control compliance with the rules of paid and free parking (AMPP, MADI, GIBDD). Detailed step-by-step instruction is available there, on the site of mayor of Moscow.

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Here, however, there are limitations. If we are talking about parking on the lawn or sidewalk, then not all cases can be reported: the site says that the places where it is possible to fix, are determined automatically, and violations are not fixed at the parking lot for disabled people, in the yards of houses, as well as on Sundays.

If improperly parked vehicle directly disturbs you, you can not apply, and just call the duty department of the traffic police of the region – phones are listed on the official site, just choose a region. The officer on duty will receive information about the violation and will send a police squad to the place, which can evacuate the car, if its owner at that time does not appear. This way you can not just report a single parking violation, but also “clear” streets where violations are massive.

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